Of all the realms of the Otherworld, the realm of Faerie-- the dwelling place of beings alien, enigmatic, and mercurial-- is the realm closest to that of the mortal world. Faerie also boasts the most semi-permanent "doorways" between the two worlds. Though not easy, these portals can be opened with terrifying regularity and allow both unwary mortals to pass into Faerie and those enigmatic beings to cross onto Aerys. It also means that the energies of that fey realm leak through the Veil all too often, causing change in mortal creatures-- change that can cause a mortal being to be empowered with the energies of Faerie, and likewise can defend a mortal creature from those same energies. The Faetouched (alternately spelled Feytouched) are mortal creatures that have been affected by the energies of the realm of Faerie and granted powers or abilities beyond their normal racial abilities. Faetouched are mortal creatures influenced by or imbued with  energies of pure Faerie, changing them into something not fully Faerie, but non longer fully of the mortal realm, either. Yes, even the High Elves and Wood Elves can be affected in this way, gaining even more abilities of their lost farrie nature. Faetouched are sometimes referred to as 'half-elves', despite the fact that none of the nonhuman races can interbreed with one another, nor with humans. The association of both elven races with Faerie, however, means that many unfortunate misunderstandings have occurred through the generations; Faetouched are often mistaken for a child born of human/elven lovers. The Faetouched Background is the only way to approximate a half-elf character in Brittanis. The vast majority of Faetouched are born that way, influenced in the womb by the potent magics of Faerie. Tales claim that this can be caused by any number of things, usually attributed to the conduct of the mother. Anything from laying with a lover in a faerie circle and becoming pregnant to crossing a ring of toadstools while pregnant has been blamed; the superstitious find reasons everywhere. The truth of the matter is unknown, but direct contact with a True Fae or crossing into Faerie while pregnant are known to increase the chances dramatically. Also sometimes erroneously referred to as Changelings, the Faetouched whose faerie nature manifests in adulthood are the topic of many sad and tragic tales; family and clan often turn on the Faetouched, viewing the transformation as a corruption or aberration. Costume Requirements ALL faetouched develop physical traits that speak clearly of their otherwordly heritage. When you take this Background, you must have an OBVIOUS trait that marks you as having some kind of faerie influence. Strangely colored hair (a shock of non-natural color, or a wig of similarly odd color), strangely colored eyes (costume contacts), fangs like a beast, nose of a fae feline, pointed ears like the elves, or some other obvious trait mark the faetouched as something different from their standard race. If you choose to play a Faetouched Erin'Tar or Gael'Dar, you may choose extra-large ear tips as your faetouched trait, but your regular racial costume requirements DO NOT count for Faetouched costuming. It must be different, distinct, and obvious. YOU get to pick what alteration you want to have, but it must be EASILY VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES. Other players should be able to see the difference at a distance of TEN FEET, and it cannot be something easily hidden. The point is to be obviously different from a normal member of your race. You must still abide by all costume restrictions of your core race. Many faetouched grow up with no idea of the difference in their blood. The changes hit only around puberty, when in addition to the normal chaos of that time of life, they begin manifesting strange powers and drastic physical changes beyond the norm for their race. As time goes on, the faetouched learn to manipulate the power in their blood, using lesser versions of the glamours that the archfey, lords of Faerie, use with the ease of breathing. Eventually, once that power has been mastered, the faetouched can guard themselves against the machinations of the fae as well. Faetouched live a strange existence-- both blessed by otherwordly power and always slightly separate from their own race. They become excellent diplomats, blessed with the gifts of their heritage and their knowledge of interpersonal dynamics. Some of the greatest knights and heroes of legend have been Faetouched, seeking glory and renown to define their existence. Sadly, the faetouched also tend to become wrapped up in the schemes of the faerie folk-- even those children of half-elven origin are marked and targeted by the faerie. The faetouched live always with the knowledge that the power in their blood calls to the fae folk, and they will ever seek to ensnare and manipulate those mortals who bear the magic of faerie. Tier 1 Glamour (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Rest, Watch) You call upon the power of your faerie blood and use that magic to confuse the mind of a target. Once per watch, make 3 packet attacks for, "Repel by Illusion" Reveal Faerie (0 CP; 1 Stamina; Watch) You can spend 1 Stamina to point at a target and call, "By My Gesture, Expose Fae by Heritage." Tier 2 Warding Iron (0 CP; 0 or 1 Stamina; Watch, Battle (special)) You have learned the secrets of the power infusing you-- you have also learned how to defend against it. Once per watch, you can make 3 packet attacks for, "Agony to Fae by Cold Iron." Note: Both Erin'Tar and Gael'Dar have the Fae racial trait, so this attack WILL affect them. In addition, once per battle, you can spend 1 Stamina to call, "Resist by Heritage" against any 1 attack by a creature with the Fae trait you have Exposed with the Tier 1 ability. Note that you MUST use the Expose first in order to use this skill. Tier 3 True Faerie Blood (0 CP; 0 or 2 Stamina; Watch) Your faerie blood has become powerful and purified in your veins; it pumps so strongly within you that you gain a small bit of the immortality of the fae and can inflict the fae's inability to lie on another. Once per event, you can call, "Reduce to 10 Damage" against a Death effect that strikes you. Also, once per day, you can spend 2 Stamina and 1 minute of activity to cast a small ritual cursing your target. You touch the target after the activity time is finished and call, "Inflict by Faerie" and give them an Inflict card that says: "Bonds of the Sidhe: You cannot lie. When asked a direct question, if you answer you must always tell the truth to the best of your ability. This effect lasts until the end of the event."