Favored Soul

FAVORED SOUL IS A RESTRICTED BACKGROUND. SEEK STAFF APPROVAL BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THIS BACKGROUND. On Aerys, the Otherworld is both wholly separated from the natural world and tantalizingly, terrifyingly close. The only thing separating the two worlds is a powerful magical barrier called the Veil, formed by the Titan-goddess Sarai at the end of the Godswar. Her magic and divine life-force keep the Otherworld and the mortal realm separate, but what many do not know is that the Veil is not a solid wall. In truth, it is more of a thick membrane, keeping the the two worlds apart; those with sufficient power and ambition can open small, temporary doors between the two worlds, and beings can pass in both directions. The ability of powerful beings to cross the Veil has, over the aeons, allowed beings both divine and demonic to cross over (briefly) and either influence mortals directly to heroism and great deeds or to wreak terrible havoc and destruction. There is a kernel of truth to legends of the gods walking the world and even, occasionally, loving mortals and either siring children upon them or infusing them with divine power. Likewise, the ancient tales of demons walking the face of Aerys or answering the summons of demon worshipers has resulted in a few isolated bloodlines in which the power of the Abyss flows. You are a descendant of one such union, either divine or demonic. At times the power might skip many generations and manifest in those unaware of their heritage, or the encounter with denizens of the Otherworld might be more recent. Regardless of how it happened, the blood of the Otherworld runs in your veins. You have never met your divine/demonic ancestor; do not expect this to happen in play, or to gain special roleplaying favors because of your heritage. The creatures of the Otherworld--even the benign ones-- are inscrutable and do things for their own reasons and in their own time. Only the mightiest and most accomplished of favored souls gain the direct attention of their ancestors. When you choose this Background, you must choose your Otherworld ancestor. This does not have to be one of the gods directly, but can be an angel or divine servant of dome kind as well. Likewise, the Demon Princes are unlikely to make a direct appearance. Also, if you're interested in being a descendant of one of the sidhe-folk from Faerie, look at the Faetouched Background instead. When you submit your request for this Background, it must contain the following: Email Format. No hard copy will be accepted. You can submit this request along with your PC Histories, but make sure it is in its own section. Ancestor: you must tell us exactly who you are requesting for your ancestor. Please, no real-world gods, angels, demons, etc. That's a bad idea, and it won't pass. If you want to base your ancestor off a real-world mythological being, that's one thing, but give it a new name and tweak it a little, too. Be creative. Costuming Requirements: When you take this Background, you must have an OBVIOUS trait that marks you as having some kind of Otherwordly ancestry. Divine favored souls might have gold skin, strange eyes (contact lenses), an obvious, large birthmark in a place you can't hide, etc. Demonic favored souls might have small horns, red skin, crazy eyes, small scales, obvious fangs, maybe even a tail or cloven-hoofed feet. YOU get to pick what alteration you want to have, but it must be EASILY VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES. The point is that other players should be able to see the difference at a distance of TEN FEET, and it cannot be something easily hidden. The point is to be obviously different from a normal member of your race. You must still abide by all costume restrictions of your core race. Expect Modifications. Staff will do everything possible to accommodate your concept, but be prepared for a response that suggests a few alterations, tweaks, or outright changes. These will be to help you integrate the character in Brittanis plotlines, and so we can help you sculpt the story of your character through play. If you proposal is approved, you character gains the following abilities: Tier 1 Empowerment (0 CP) You have the blood of your Otherworldly ancestor in your veins. Channeling their power is as simple to you as breathing-- whether you see that as a blessing or a curse is part of your own story. You gain the lowest level of your patron's Empowerment skill, and can purchase higher levels as normal. If your ancestor does not have an Empowerment skill, when your proposal is approved, one will be custom built and posted to the website. Tier 2 Power in the Blood (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch; Other) The power of your incredibly-powerful ancestor is yours; you can harness their power easily. Divine: Once per watch, you can roleplay cutting yourself for 3 seconds, then touch a target and call, "Heal X and Refresh X Stamina" where X is your Tier. This skill cannot be used on yourself. Demonic: Once per watch, you can make a packet attack for, "X Damage by Darkness" where X is your Tier+4. Tier 3 Wrath of the Otherworld (0 CP; 0 Stamina, Watch, Rest, Burst) You focus the power of your ancestor into mighty force. Divine: This skill has the Burst keyword. You gain 5 packet attacks for "3 Damage by Light." For each attack that hits and deals damage (is not defended or negated in some way), you gain 1 touch effect for, "Heal 2 by Light" Demonic: You must have 2 Medium claw props to use this skill. Call, "Imbue by Darkness" and ready the claw props. The claws MUST be sheathed or otherwise unusable before you call the Imbue. Once the claws are ready, your base melee attack becomes "3 Damage by Darkness." This skill ends when you use ANY skill with the Heal effect, the "by Light" trait, or rest for any reason.