Fallen Noble

Sometimes bad things happen to good people; in Brittanis, the world is slowly falling into an age of darkness and chaos, and such things happen more frequently. Unfortunately, your family has been a recipient of such misfortune. As a Fallen Noble, something has happened in the recent (last 2 generations or so) past that has caused your once-prosperous family to fall from grace. Once your family name was known as powerful and wealthy, or at the least a holder of political prowess and influence in your home kingdom. Now, however, your wealth is gone, your family might be decimated or greatly diminished. Some ideas for how your family fell from grace: Family Rivalry: As the saying goes, "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground." Your family was once prominent, but an enemy faction or family has brought you low. Were you betrayed, or was the challenge for dominance made openly? How did it occur? Was it a political victory, military, or something more sinister? Disaster: Some great natural or environmental calamity destroyed your family's power base. Perhaps a great plague struck your lands, or an earthquake destroyed the castle. Drought caused famine and disease, or monsters from the wilds attacked and your forces could not stop them. What kind of disaster was it? Who survived? Logres: 44 years ago, a horde of twisted monsters came pouring out of The Waste, and the first nation to fall against them was the nation of Logres. Its people scattered, its nobility betrayed and annihilated, the Shield of Brittanis was utterly destroyed in the assault. To this day, the lands that were once named Logres are instead the Swordlands, a monster-haunted wilderness filled with savages, brigands and worse. Are you a descendant of the few nobles who survived the massacre? Where have you been raised, and how do you feel about your lost homeland? White Sheep: Sometimes, a noble family is struck down for good reason: money and idle time can lead to depravity, decadence and vile practices, and your family was one such. The head of your family led the rest down a dark path, and much pain and suffering was the result. Eventually, these practices were discovered and your family was destroyed, cast down, and the survivors exiled. How did you survive? What were their crimes? Who still knows of your existence?


YOU ARE NOT THE SOLE SURVIVING MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY. THERE MUST BE AT *LEAST* ONE OTHER MEMBER. Even if your family was destroyed by monsters, please try to be creative about it and don't just go the boring, "revenge is my reason for living" route. You can be more creative than that. Read the PC Histories section for guidelines. Tier 1

Dirty Deed (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch)

You have been on the run for a long time. Somewhere along the way, you learned that being able to incapacitate an opponent easily can be the best way to get away from an ugly situation. 1/watch, you can make a backstrike attack and call, "Short Stun" Tier 2

Maintain Your Bearing (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch)

Despite your family's fall, you have had poise and noble bearing taught since birth. Once per watch, you can call, "Resist" against any Frenzy effect or an attack with the Fear, or Madness trait. Tier 3

Prepared for the Worst (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch)

Assassins are a reality for someone whose family has been destroyed, regardless of cause; many times, rivals or usurpers want you dead simply for existing. You've learned how to lessen the attack of an assassin into something you can live through. 1/watch, when hit with a Death effect, you may fall to the ground as normal, but instead of Death, you take a Stun effect. You do not have to call this out loud.