Escaped Slave

Despite the best efforts of some civilized nations of Brittanis, slavery is alive and well in the darkening world. Siluria and Orkenay both utilize slave labor, and the Fomorians are notorious for working slaves nearly to death and then using them as sacrifice to their savage demon-gods. The Swordlands are a land utterly without law; slavery is commonplace in the lands that once were called Logres. In the places where law has little power, folk of all races are kidnapped and sold into bondage. In the outskirts where tyrants and petty warlords rule, some folk have been born into slavery and will die there. Escape is never easy, but it does sometimes happen. Just as marauders and brigands raid settlements for captives, sometimes bands of adventurers or heroes raid the borderlands, freeing the slaves they find therein. How did you come to be a slave? Who were you in bondage to? What was your work? How did you gain your freedom? What do you do now? Slavery affects both body and spirit, altering the slave forever. Even those of noble birth who end up in bondage are marked by the experience ever after. Regardless of your former station, the chains you once wore define your personality and life; even though they are removed from your flesh, the marks on your soul will never fade. Tier 1

Slave's Work (0 CP)

Regardless of their function, slaves are worked and abused regularly. You developed physical and mental reserves to endure. Choose one of the three following options during character creation. Once this choice is made, it can never be changed: Your maximum Vitality and Stamina are permanently increased by 1 each. Your maximum Vitality is permanently increased by 2. Your maximum Stamina is permanently increased by 2. Tier 2

No Bonds Can Hold Me (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch)

After your time in bondage, you learned quickly how to avoid becoming incapacitated. You refuse to ever go back to the chains that bound you. Once per watch, you can call, " Purge by Background" against one Stun, Paralyze, Root, or Slow effect with a Physical trait. Tier 3

Turn the Tables (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch, Rest)

During your time as a slave, you learned the attacks and techniques of your captors. Now you know how to reverse their tactics and use them against your hated foe. Once per watch, when you use No Bonds Can Hold Me, you immediately gain one melee attack with the same effect you Purged. If the attack was a combined effect with Damage, you DO NOT gain the damage effect-- only the Stun, Paralyze, Root, or Slow is gained. This attack is lost if you rest for any reason before you use it. Example: Asharra is 3rd Tier, and an Escaped Slave. A Fomorian slaver hits her with a missile attack for, "3 Damage and Stun." She immediately spends 3 seconds roleplaying Asharra shaking off the effect and calls, "Purge by Background." Asharra then immediately gains a melee attack for, "Stun by Background." If she rests for any reason before delivering that attack, the attack is lost and Asharra cannot use it.