You abandoned your post, your clan, your family, your Guild or some other group to which you belonged. Now those people hunt you in retribution for the betrayal they feel you have handed them. Some reasons for leaving are justified, others less so. Regardless of your motivation, you are now hunted by those who once were your allies. No matter what kind of group you left, you now hide from their vengeance. Some groups will seek to return you to the fold and force you to rejoin their company. Others see the betrayal as punishable by death. What kind of group did you leave? What was your reason for leaving? Who hunts you now? Do they seek reconciliation or retribution? These are the questions to answer when choosing this background. Guild: Did a job go bad? Did you try to take over and lose? Were you framed for betrayal by a rival? Tired of always running from the law and decide to go straight? Did the Guild cross a line in their crimes you could not abide by? Family/Clan: Fleeing an arranged marriage? Framed by a relative? White sheep in a black-hearted family? Lord/Military: Did a superior order you to commit war crimes? Abused by a tyrannical overlord? Jaded by a life of constant battle? Saw and did too many things you now regret? Last survivor of a Fomorian attack? Tier 1 Whispers of the Past (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Battle) You have learned to identify the members of the group that hunts you. Once per battle, you can call, “By My Voice, Expose [Trait] by Background” where the Trait you choose must identify the group that hunts you. Example, if you are hunted by your family, you might call, “By My Voice, Expose House Silverhand by Background,” but you could not use a trait like Hero, or Human, because they don’t identify your family specifically. Tier 2 Hit & Run (0 CP, 0 Stamina; Watch) You are adept at striking hard and leaving a pursuer incapacitated so you can escape. You can make a melee or missile attack for, “Slow by Background” • Tier 3: “Maim [leg] by Background” Tier 3 Desperate Escape (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) Your frightened desperation give you the strength to break free of effects that would allow your enemy to re-capture you. Once per watch, once you have used Whispers of the Past to identify members of the group that hunts you, you can call “NO EFFECT” against any Root, Slam, Stun, or Slow effect generated by those enemies. Example: Valerias is hunted by the members of the Tel’sharas family, a rival elven house and sworn enemies of his family. He encounters a group of elves he suspects might be those foe, and calls, “By My Voice, Expose Tel’sharas by Background,” and one of the elves cries out in response to the Expose effect. Valerias now knows the elf who cried out is a member of the house that hunts him. That elf casts a spell and hits Valerias with a packet, calling, “2 Damage and Stun by Magic!” Valerias gets to respond with, “No Effect” against that spell.