Not everybody was lucky enough to have a secure, solid place in the structures of society. Indeed, some folk are forced to the fringes of civilized life and make their way by the rejection of that society; these people prey on the weakness of others, whether they chose the criminal life or not. This background covers the whole gamut of criminal activities, from the street beggar and informant, to the child cutpurse, cat burglar, guild thief, or even the member of an organized, structured crime ring--even pirates, brigands, bandits and highwaymen. Regardless of how they got there, these people reject the structures of society and make a living off of the hard work of others. This background does not (and most likely doesn't) mean that a character is still a criminal-- Brittanis is a game about heroes, and stealing from and backstabbing your friends doesn't make for a very heroic game. However, many heroes have a larcenous or criminal PAST, and their heroic career begins as they throw off that old life, though often that past can come back to haunt them. In the view of most merchants, nobles, and government officials, the criminal is a lawbreaker thug who flagrantly threatens the fabric of society; the truth is that crime is always worst where the nobility and government neglect or abuse the smallfolk, though. Many times the criminal underworld can be the only place some folk can get the food and vital materials necessary for life, due to the abuses of corrupt leadership. In these cases, criminals might even be seen as folk heroes, caring for those who society oppresses with a heavy hand. Criminals believe in preservation and pragmatism first and always-- on many occasions during times of war and siege, the criminal element of a city or settlement can act as spies, smugglers and even assassins, in order to protect their home from monstrous hordes or invading armies. After all, sacking a city often involves burning, pillaging and destroying it-- all of which are bad for business. Tier 1 Clean Getaway (0 CP; - Stamina; Watch) One of the first things a criminal learns is how to not get caught. Once per watch, you can call, "Resist by Heritage" against a single Root or Slow effect. At 2nd Tier, you add Slam and Paralyze to the list of effects; At 3rd Tier, add Stun and Drain to the list of effects. Regardless of how may effects this skill can be called against you still only get one Resist per watch-- NOT one Resist against each effect. Tier 2 It's a Trap! (0 CP, 0 Stamina; Watch) You know that sometimes you have to be willing to take a punch in order to set a foe up for your own attack. Once per watch, when you take 3 or more damage from a single attack, you can call, "Imbue by Heritage" and gain 1 melee or missile attack for "X Damage by Heritage," where X is your Tier+2. If you use this attack as a backstrike, you add +1 to the damage. Tier 3 Bloody Example (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) In the criminal underworld, sometimes you have to make an example out of someone in order to get the message across to others. When you drop an unwilling enemy to 0 Vitality, you can IMMEDIATELY make an attack for, "By My Gesture, Repel by Fear." This attack must be used within 10 seconds after dropping the triggering enemy or it is lost.