Heroes come from all walks of life-- some begin their stories as common folk, working their way up from nothing; others begin life with more blessings and are obligated to do more with the gifts they have been given. Those born into the nobility are examples of the latter. Some heroes come from a noble family, a high-ranking merchant house, or some other form of inherent power. The characters who become heroes have the Birthright background to represent that. Regardless of their race or culture, the nobility of all peoples have several things in common: Responsibility. It is the function of the nobility to protect, guide, and see to the welfare of those whom they lead. Paragon. Regardless of culture, it is the charge of the birthright to set an example for those they rule in action, word and attitude. Generosity. It is not for the nobility to hoard the wealth of his folk, but rather to steward it to the benefit of all, and give freely when times allow. Honor. Without a strong sense of personal honor, the leaders of men will fall quickly. Those with integrity and strength of character lead. Those without are tyrants. This background DOES NOT give a character any inherent power over other player characters. It represents the family a character comes from. No character will start game with a noble title of any kind other than one appropriate to a lesser member of a noble family. Characters with this background are not in direct line of succession at the beginning of play-- that may happen over the course of adventures, but when you come into game the first time, there is at least 1 other person in line to be family heir ahead of you. Determining your family members and your relation to them is an important part of PC Histories-- make certain you detail these for the Plot team. Also, most noble families have some way of distinguishing themselves (Brittanic heraldry, Brynn tartan, Free Dwarves sigil, etc) and it is important that you either use the identifiers if using the provided families, or create the family identifiers and get them approved by Staff. Also, deciding how your family gets along with the other nobles families in the area (regardless of race) is important as well. Examples of Birthright characters: Brittanic human warrior, descendant of the ruling Ambrosius family. Many of the older Welsh legends say that King Uther had many children before Arthur-- maybe you could be one of them! Brynn child of the clan chief; Brynn chieftains are elected, not born. While you may desire to become clan chief one day, you will have to cover yourself in glory and reasons for the clan to choose you before you are worthy. Khemri clan leaders are called Rombaro (female Rombara), and are chosen by the Krisatora, or Elder Council. Similar to the Brynn, the Krisatora is the council of elders from all walks of life (senior traders, mages, priests, scouts, warriors, etc) who choose. Many times, a prospective Rombaro will be told to go out into the world and bring back a new story, relic, or other benefit to the clan in order to prove their worthiness. The nonhuman races all have their own forms of nobility and birthright. The Erin'Tar judge worth based on magical power-- those without it will never rule. The Gael'Dar nobility are all family in some way or another to the the Crystal Throne of Seridane; the Free Dwarves, clinging to their fallen royalty, choose those with blood ties to the Valyn clan. Tier 1 Soothing Word (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) You have learned how to use your voice and charisma to calm those in extreme mental states. Once per watch you can make a 10 second speech exhorting your allies and then call EITHER, "By My Voice, Cure Mental by Nobility" OR "By My Voice, Cure Frenzy by Nobility" Regardless of which version you use, you get only 1 use per watch. Tier 2 Take Heart! (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) You have taken responsibility for those under you; that power radiates from you, protecting those whom you watch over. Once per watch you can make a 10 second speech to an ally, calling out their will and stamina and then touch that ally, calling, "Grant Protection X by Nobility," Where X is your Tier+2. Tier 3 Rallying Cry (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) You can, when a battle becomes toughest, call forth your will to strengthen your vassals. Make a 10-second speech to your allies and then call, "By My Voice, Heal X to Hero by Nobility!" where X is your Tier.