You are a member of one of the less-than-civilized tribes or clans that inhabit the outskirts of the settled world. While many might call you a savage, the majority of the barbarian peoples have a sophisticated culture full of myths, legends, oral histories and traditions-- just as much as more civilized folk, but many who were raised behind walls of stone learn to look down on or even fear those who live by choice in the wild. Thus, many barbarians are clannish, wary of outsiders, and treat self-reliance as a great virtue. Brittanis is an incredibly dangerous land, filled with brigands, bandit chiefs, and monsters. When faced with outside threat, many of the barbarian peoples gather together and fight-- their existence on the edge of civilization usually means that they rarely--if ever-- go looking for a fight, because even a serious wound is likely to become infected or keep you from being able to get food. And being unable to gather food is as good as a death sentence. However, the barbarian peoples also recognize that sometimes a fight is inevitable, and when that happens, there are no fiercer or more deadly warriors than those with their back to a wall. Tribal peoples will often run from a fight as many times as they can, only to suddenly and without warning turn on an enemy and crush them ruthlessly-- and then strip the bodes for anything that can be used, down to the bone and sinews of their foes. Waste in the wild can equal death. Examples of barbarians. Note that these are suggestions- feel free to come up with your own, but be sure to work with Staff when forming your PC Histories. : Mixed tribes of Erin'Tar, humans and Free Dwarves tribes in the mountains of Orkenay and Lyonesse. Human clans in the far north of Cambria. These savages are the remnants of the once-mighty Dalriada clans who ruled the north of Cambria generations ago. After the Dalriada were destroyed in the Waste invasion almost 50 years ago, the northern clans try to eke out a living while fighting the horrors that cross the straits. Gael'Dar clans can fall into this category when they lose contact with the Crystal Throne for long periods. The wood elves live off the great forest to begin with, and it's a short step from there to more savage ways. Some Free Dwarves who have fallen on hard times can qualify as barbarians as well. Normally the stout folk work tirelessly to preserve their culture, but when survival trumps tradition in a far-flung outpost, savagery can result. Tier 1 Savage Resolve (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) Through force of will, you can ignore wounds and force yourself to fight on. Though painful, being able to outlast an opponent can be the difference between life and death. Once per watch, you can call "Heal X and Agony to self," where X is your Tier+1. Tier 2 Barbarian Strike (0 CP; 0 Stamima; Watch) You have learned how to take down prey to bring back as food for the clan; those same techniques often work well to bring down more dangerous foes as well. Once per watch, you can make a melee or missile attack for, "X Damage and Slam by Heritage" where X is your Tier+1. Tier 3 Untamed Toughness (0 CP) Your time in the wild has made you far more resilient than more civilized folk. Your maximum Vitality is permanently increased by 2.