In the social ladder of Brittanis, there exists a small but growing group of folk who cannot neatly be qualified as Smallfolk or nobility. This new group is comprised of people skilled in a valuable trade (smiths, tanners, carpenters, stonemasons, etc) and those who deal in the goods produced by crafters (merchants, traders, teamsters, etc). These valued, often-wealthy folk are an anomaly in society, for they are often looked down upon by the nobility as upstarts while at the same time carrying tremendous influence in their local communities. Many times the Reeve, Elder, Mayor or other non-religious leader of a community is often a tradesman of some type-- they tend to be pillars of the community and their skills bring value to the communities they live in. As the name implies, Tradesmen (usually used as a gender-neutral reference despite the spelling) are those who deal with a skilled trade. Either directly as a producer of items and goods or indirectly as a merchant or distributor, the Tradesman has his fingers on the pulse of trade and his ear to the ground in his community. Her hands are agile, strong and make things of beauty or value that increase the status of her community and put food on her table or gold in her pockets. Villages and towns thrive or die by the quality of their tradesmen. Their influence in a community goes far beyond the wealth they often accumulate-- when there is only one smith in town, being the sole person able to make nails, tools or weapons is an incredibly powerful position to hold. The concept of a Guild or Merchant House is in its infancy in Brittanis, though there are a couple such economic powers in existence. In the south, a group calling themselves the Iron Circle has risen to prominence. They have grown from a group of metal-smiths who agreed to set standards for prices and quality into a conglomeration of interests who now have separate branches devoted to mine the ore they need, smelt it into usable metal, craft it into goods, transport the goods, and even a less-than-reputable mercenary group dedicated to guarding their shipments through the dangerous wild. Only time will tell if this idea of "corporation" will take off, but it certainly seems to have given the Iron Circle effective power equal to a noble house, if not greater.

Tier 1

Skilled Trades (0 CP; 1 hrs Downtime)
  • Skills from Crafting headers cost 1 less CP for you (minimum
  • Each event you gain 4 points of Trade that can be used in place of Quintessence when using a Crafting skill. Each unused point of Trade can be cashed in by spending 1 hours of Downtime. Trade points cashed in this way is worth 5 silver shillings.

Tier 2

Pillar of Trade (0 CP; Information Skill; 4 Hrs Downtime) You are a skilled at your craft, and the people of your community trust your judgement. Your influence often allows you to learn of the goings-on in your community. This is an information skill. Ask a specific question of staff in your post-event letter on a matter relating to the goings on in your home community. If gossip, rumor, or hearsay might be able to gain you the information, your chances of success will be greatly increased. The more specific the question, the more specific and useful the information gained is likely to be. Information is likely to be delivered at the next event in text form, though it may occasionally arrive in other ways. This skill costs 4 hours of Downtime. It may also attract the attention of others concerned with the subject matter of the gossip, so very dangerous subjects or sensitive information might carry some hazard, too.
  • You gain 2 CP to be spent in any Crafting skill of your choice.
  • Your Trade Points can now be cashed in for 1 gold piece per point. This still costs 1 hours of Downtime per point leftover.

Tier 3

Who Rules Bartertown? (0 CP; 3 hrs Downtime) You are a master of your art; your influence in your community has grown along with your affluence. Now you trade not only in goods or services, but in favors and in power.
  • You gain 4 CP that must be spent in Crafting skills. These skills cannot be spent all in the same header.
  • You can ask two questions per Post-Event Letter using Pillar of the Community. Each question costs 3 hours of Downtime.
  • You start with 6 Trade Points per event.