This Background is focused towards those who move unprotected from place to place with regularity-- something dangerous and rave in the monster-haunted lands of Brittanis. These are the rovers, wanderers, explorers and those who journey through the wild in search of lore, treasure or glory. Many attempt it; precious few return, and even smaller is the number of those who decide to do it again. But you are such a one-- brave or crazy enough to embrace the perils of travel in these dark times. Tier 1 Whispers Of The Road (0CP) Your time on the road-- and in those place without roads-- has taught you much. You get any 2 Knowledge Skills (EXCEPT Military) for free. Tier 2 Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break My Stride (0 CP, Day) Your wanderlust is a powerful force within you-- it drive you to shake off any attempt to lock you in one place or keep you from moving. Choose Root or Slow when you get this skill. 3 times per Day, you can spend 3 seconds of roleplay shaking off the effect and call, "Purge [Chosen Effect] by Background!" and negate the effect. Tier 3 Ain't Nothin' Gonna Slow Me Down (0 CP, Day) Your ability to keep on moving is nearly supernatural now-- legends might be told of your feet and how they always move farther down the road. You call "Resist" against whichever effect you chose for Tier 2, and you can Purge the other effect as listed in Tier 2. Example: Micah is a Traveler, Tier 3. He chose Slow at Tier 2, so he can now call, "Resist by Background" against a Slow effect 3 times per day. He can also now spend 3 seconds shaking off a Root effect and then call, "Purge root by Background!" 3 times per day.