Seeker of Aquilon

You grew up on tales as old as Brittanis— gods and titans, heroes of the mortal races, knights and warriors and mages and priests. But you were also raised on tales of the most ancient empire of legend, the empire of magic and grandeur and power unlike anything mortals have known before or since. You were raised on the oldest stories of war and hubris—the stories of ancient Aquilon. As you grew and matured, the stories of Aquilon became more and more real to you, and eventually you decided to investigate the stories of ruins, artifacts, and fallen majesty. You mourned the loss of Aquilon like its fall had just happened, but that just increased the passion of your hunt. You seek the mysterious treasures and lost lore of Aquilon as if they are heirlooms of your own family. Who knows? Perhaps the reason you feel such a strong connection to the Empire Beneath is because somewhere in your ancestry is one of the refugees who survived the Breaking? Your search has not proven fruitless—far from it, in fact. The lore you have gathered and knowledge you have learned have proven (to you, if no-one else) that Aquilon had a more settled presence in Brittanis than sages previously thought. This means that ancient Aquilonian crypts, tombs, relics, and artifacts are waiting to be found—and you mean to be the one to discover them! Tier 1 Swallowing Waves (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch, Spell) You have learned to briefly conjure the dark, hungry waves that drank old Aquilon to the ocean’s bottom. Make 3 packet attacks for “Short Repel by Water.” Note: Use of this skill must comply with all the Spellcasting rules, and requires an incantation of 5 syllables. Tier 2 Drowned Lore (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Event) The magic of Aquilon was potent beyond modern understanding; you’ve learned a trick that lets you refresh your fighting spirit and energy. Once per event, you can call, “Refresh Daily Skills by Background” and refresh all skills which have the Day keyword. Tier 3 Secrets of the Deep (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch) The final days of Aquilon are filled with mysterious and terrible secrets. It is known that the Magisters, mages of unparalleled power, violated their pact with the gods and tried to open the locked gate at the heart of Aquilon’s capital city; the secrets they unlocked drove every single Magister insane in a single instant. You harness some of that madness and inflict it on your foes. Make a packet attack for “Drain by Madness.”