Renegade Mage

Though the Arcanum in Rendayn appears on the outside merely a bastion of learning and education (and it is that), it also serves as a secret agenda of its own. Every single student of the Arcanum—whether they study magic, history, rhetoric, or any other subject—has their family lineage recorded for some undisclosed reason. Those who study magic give a vial of their blood to the Arcanum as well, again with no explanation given. Those who do not agree to these stipulations are forbidden from study. Additionally, every student of the arcane arts, at some point in their studies, must submit to the Harrowing, a test of magical ability and personal will that judges whether a mage is capable of resisting the temptations of the Otherworld and the extra-planar entities who would corrupt inexperienced mages and release their evil into the world. Those who study under Arcanum-trained mages outside the school itself are still subject to a Harrowing, administered by their master mage. Regardless of where they take it, everyone who desires to call themselves a Journeyman of the Arcanum must submit to the Harrowing. Those who fail the test are never seen again. Those who refuse the Harrowing likewise disappear. Instead of facing death, you left. You had studied at the Arcanum for years—long enough to learn the basics of magic, but for some reason the Harrowing was not an option. Family obligation forcing you to choose between the Arcanum and your family/clan? Did one of your friends die in the Harrowing? Refuse to take it and disappear forever? Did you learn some secret about the process and couldn’t reconcile that knowledge? Regardless of the reason, you left the Arcanum and ever since have been on the run from their hunters. It was surprisingly easy to leave—after all, who would flee the Arcanum, center of learning and enlightenment? By the time they knew to look for you, the ship carrying you to the mainland was long sailed, and you began life as a renegade mage. You barely remember the exhausting, frightened months of travel. Eventually you reached the heartlands of Brittanis and found that nobody asked about your past; those that did accepted the vague answers you provided. Only then did it occur to you to stop running and think about the future. You can never go back—those who flee the Harrowing are already assumed to have succumbed to the dark whispers from beyond the Veil of worlds. You will be slain if captured, there is no doubt. How do you live? Do you hide your magic? Pose as a graduate? Disguise yourself as a savage, those the Arcanum considers beneath them? How do you get by day to day? Tier 1 Dazzling Flare (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch, Spell) A bright flash of light causes your pursuer to stop long enough that you can escape. Make a packet attack for, “Short Paralyze by Light” Note: The incantation for this spell must be 5 syllables long and must comply to all spellcasting rules. Tier 2 Disappear (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Day, Spell) In a pinch, you can will yourself to vanish from sight to avoid a foe. Once per day you can become insubstantial to the real world so long as you do not move. This skill can only be activated in a location where there is no direct sunlight. Pay 0 points of Stamina, gather your cloak around you and call out "Imbue by Magic" to become a spirit. So long as you do not move, speak, or use any other game skill you gain the Spirit defense. You gain the Magic trait and the Spirit trait. Any attack that is "to Magic" or "to Spirit" will affect you and, if they are not beneficial, knock you out of Spirit form. Otherwise you will stay in spirit form until you choose to move or dawn comes. Tier 3 Mage Silence (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Watch, Spell) Those sent to capture or eliminate you are often fellow arcanists. You have learned a trick or two to give yourself an edge against them. Once per watch you can make 3 packet attacks for, “Silence by Background.”