You are a priest-- an anointed representative of an immensely powerful magical being of some kind. You might be a wandering priest, a tribal witch doctor, a sly infiltrator sworn to the Unseelie Court, or an empowered servant of a mighty dragon-- or maybe something else entirely. Regardless, your abilities have been enhanced by the magical power of your patron. Others may be Empowered by their patron, but you have trained, learned, and studied to learn the secrets of your patron's true power. You are more knowledgeable, more thoroughly prepared, and more focused in your service. You are a professional, and as such you are usually deeper in the confidences and plans of your patron as well. You are, after all, a proven and loyal devotee. Patron Options: White Court:Arturian,Aenryia, Aureus, Dagmar, Emrys, Ghorn,Liriel Three Sisters: Eldrea, Rhaine, Sarai Archfey (lords of Faerie) Primal Spirit (World Tree, Great Bear, etc) Other (email us if you have an idea for a patron! We'd love to hear it.) Tier 1 Empowerment (0 CP) You gain the 1st-level Tier 1 Empowerment skill for your patron for free. After all your study and training, you've certainly earned it. If you're a follower of the Three Sisters or the White Court, click the appropriate link in the list above to take you to the god/goddess's wiki page; their Empowerment skills are located there. Note: If you have an idea for a patron, let us know. Staff will need to build Empowerment skills for your patron! Tier 2 Patron's Magic (0CP) Your knowledge of your patron's power is deep and powerful. You unlock one Spell List from your patron's Minor list. You can now buy and cast spells from that list according to the Spellcasting rules. Tier 3 Devoted Servant (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Event) You can harness the power of your patron into a burst of energy that fuels you in battle. Once per event, you can perform a 1 minute ritual beseeching your patron for assistance, and call, "Refresh 5 Stamina by [Patron Name]."