You are the representative of someone-- a noble, guild, group, order, coven, council...or maybe something else entirely. Regardless of who sent you, they have an interest in what is going on elsewhere in Brittanis, and so they sent you. You are the eyes, ears, and hands of your patron(s) abroad. You learn all you can for them, and you carry out their will when you are given instructions. Sometimes the will of your patron will co-incide with your own desires, and sometimes not-- but you must remember that you represent them in everything you do. Those around you will believe that everything you do is sanctioned or even ordered by your patron. Tier 1 Letters From Home (0 CP; Information Skill, Downtime) Letters and written communication are the standard for you; expect to get some kind of communique from your patron on a regular basis, both asking for updates and information as well as delivering their instructions to you. You can use this skill to request information from your patron(s) as well. So long as the information requested is in their area, you can expect a reasonably accurate reply. Using the skill in this way costs 4 hours of Downtime. Tier 2 Patronage (0 CP) In return for your proven service, your patron sends you a stipend of cash. You receive 3x Tier in silver per event. This money is expected to be used for room and board as well as furthering the aims of your patron (bribes for information, buying supplies needed back home, etc). Tier 3 I Speak As My Master (0 CP) Your service has pleased your patron well; you now are their ambassador in the world. You speak with the voice of your master-- your word carries equal power to theirs. In addition, you can make 3 packet attacks per Watch for, "Silence by Awe," as you channel the inner strength of your patron.