Magic Items

During the course of the game you might find tagged magical items that can grant powers and abilities to those who use them. Each character starts the game with three Item Slots which are used to link to magical items.You cannot use the powers and abilities of magical items until you link to the item using an Item Slot. Once an Item Slot is linked to an item it remains linked for the entire event; you cannot normally unlink items. It is possible to buy more Item Slots by using Character Points. There are four types of items; Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Relics. Weapons must be in hand and you must have the skill to use the weapon in combat in order to use any abilities on that weapon. Armor must be worn and,if the armor is worth armor points, you must be able to use the suit. Accessories covers all items that are worn and not carried, and can include sashes, belts, gloves, cloaks, jewelry and the like. Relics are items that must be held in one hand when you use them. Linking Linking to an item involves taking part in a ceremony that can be cast by any user of magic—Arcane, Otherworld, or Primal. You take part in the ceremony which takes 5 minutes of Activity, during which you weave a mystic link to the item. If you own an item at check-in, you may also choose to start an event with one or more Item Slots already linked to items you own rather than seeking out an ceremony during the game. In addition, if you find a magical item and it is already linked to another person you cannot use the item until the next event unless that person willingly passes the item to you. Part of this passing is whispering which abilities on the item have already been used. If a linked item is given to you willingly you may also link to it in the usual fashion, but each ability of the item can only be used once regardless of who used it. Only one person can be linked to an item at a time. Many creatures and NPCs in Brittanis have a natural talent to use items without linking to them; many items you find on creatures will be unlinked so you can, if you have a free Item Slot, link to them when you can get to a place of power that can host the ceremony. In this case that character will whisper “Unlinked” as it hands you an item. This indicates that you do not have to wait until the next event to use it. There are exceptions to the limit of Item Slots. Signature Items do not require Item Slots. If you spent Character Points for an item, your Item Slots are not required to use that item. Some special magical items do not require an Item Slot. You must link to these items, but they provide their own Item Slot and do not use one of your Item Slot. These items will be marked with the phrase “Inherent Slot: Linking to this item does not use an Item Slot.” on the tag. Items with only “times ever” abilities that use their final charge are destroyed entirely, and your link ends when you use the last ability. Example: If you have an item with one “times ever” ability left, it will tie up an Item Slot while you carry it but once you use the last charge and the item is destroyed your Item Slot is refreshed. In a pinch some plot characters may be able to unlink magical items for you, restoring the Item Slot so you can link to another item. For many plot characters this requires in game resources.