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The Game of Houses

Ancient lineages have built up resources, reputation, and political power over centuries, and there is little that happens on the continent of Brittanis that does not affect these great Houses or receive influence from them.

Fealty is Deep Magic

Oaths of fealty and allegiance are witnessed by the land itself and woven deeply into the magic of the world of Aerys. The bond between lord and vassal is a reciprocal one, where both parties derive benefits and hold responsibilities. Breaking these oaths incurs dire consequences.

Benefits of Membership in a House

  • Allies to call upon to help fulfil your personal interests and side quests
  • A network to share resources and information
  • sworn brothers and sisters to guard your back on the field of battle
  • a noble patron who can communicate and pull strings with other houses within and beyond the kingdom
  • the possibility of financial assistance if your requests are for the good of the house, of if you do a favor for your noble patron
  • deeper immersion in the wide-sweeping plots of the game
  • and more, as each house has special skills and bonuses

Distrust for the Unsworn

A side effect of fealty being such a deeply ingrained part of Brittanis culture is that the Unsworn are viewed with suspicion. Mercenaries are viewed as being without honor or loyalty, as someone who simply sells their sword to the highest bidder, and whose loyalty could be bought out again and again for the right price. It is an incredibly dangerous world out there, and the "lone wolves" who try to go it alone without allies are either suicidal, mad, monsters, or concealing their true loyalties.

Update: The Unsworn and Y Seeth Perry

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