Team Monster

Team Monster are the amazing people who make the game world come alive-- they play the Non-Player Characters and Monsters, as well as help set up the adventures the heroes take part in. The players pay money to attend an event and play, but TEAM MONSTER ALWAYS PLAYS FREE-- we value your help and want to treat you the best we can as thanks for your volunteering to help make Brittanis awesome. In addition, every event as part of Team Monster earn you Monster Points, which can be cashed in at the end of the season for real-world costume, weapons, etc! The three major responsibilities of Team Monster are:
  • FIGHTING: There is a lot of this at every event-- you may find yourself playing a human, elf, one of the dreaded Fomorians, or maybe something not even humanoid at all! Think of yourself as a stuntman, fighting like that character fights and have fun dying dramatically!
  • ACTING: In addition to the fighting roles and the acting that comes along with it, there are a multitude of non-combat roles available to play; merchants, townsfolk, nobles, diplomats, informants, spies... the list goes on an on. Improvisational drama and in-character interaction are the name of the game.
  • BACKSTAGE: In order for the game to flow smoothly, there are a lot of jobs that have to be done "offstage", out of sight of the players. This includes things like setting up/taking down adventure props and scenery, helping Logistics get costumes and weapons ready, and otherwise helping keep the game running. This is the least "public" face of Team Monster, but absolutely as vital as Fighting and Acting.
In addition to the Big Three, Team Monster will have time through the event to kick back and eat (either In Character as an NPC or in Monster Camp out of character), socialize, and have a good time. Team Monster is ideal if you: 
  • want to learn the rules in a low-stakes environment.
  • want to come and see what Brittanis is about
  • want to come out and fight in a low-stress, in-character environment
  • want to play a bunch of different characters/monsters in the course of a weekend
  • are short on cash, but still want to come play
  • Don't have kit to play a PC, but want to come play (Monster Points = kit!)
  If you're interested in Team Monster,  contact the Director at!