What if you could take part in a legend?  What if you could live out the story of the greatest myth cycle in western culture? What if you could be part of a community of people who all want to be a part of that same legend? What if, for a few days a month, you could live the life of a hero? In Brittanis, that's exactly what we are building-- a community of people who gather to re-tell our version of the Arthurian cycle of myths and legends by living out those stories and tales of heroic adventure. Brittanis is a Live Action Adventure game-- it combines elements of theater, improvisational acting, and roleplaying adventure games into something entirely different-- a place where you can, in real time, live out the lives and adventures of a hero like those out of Arthurian mythology. The idea seems simple, but the experience can be amazing-- the immersion and emotion and excitement that live-action adventure can bring to a player is what keeps people coming back over and over again. It can be like nothing you've ever experienced before. Live Action Adventure is a hobby like none other in the world. So-- take a walk through the website, and see what we're about. Brittanis is a growing community, and you're sure to find a welcome on the Forums. Check out the World section, where we detail the fantastic and magical realm where Brittanis takes place. Look through the Rules section where we show you how the game is played. We look forward to seeing you on the field, coming with us to be part of our myth... and coming to make your own legend. Welcome to Brittanis... the Adventure of a Lifetime!