Golden Phoenix Tavern

Greetings from your Tavernmistress, Lady Zyandria!

The Golden Phoenix rises from the ashes of legend to support the Heroes of Brittanis in their hour of need. A place to rest, rehydrate, and refuel… to trade information, puzzle out cryptic messages, boast of battles, sing songs of victory, and socialize with fellow heroes, local villagers, and visiting dignitaries.

The Golden Phoenix Tavern is the beating heart of Cornerstone. Centrally located in camp, the Heroes can always find complimentary water and Gatorade (as well as hot apple cider in the colder months), $1 snacks, gathering space, counsel, and protection. The Tavern is a magically-warded safe haven and the social center of the Brittanis experience. Come and share your stories with the Tavern ladies, fill your mugs between adventures, and at the end of the day, kick up your feet up at the fire and relax with your comrades! phoenix

The Tavern will always have plenty of water and often a secondary seasonal beverage. Also, the following snacks available for purchase during events:

  •         Nuts
  •         Trail Mix
  •         Pickles
  •         Seasonal Fruit
  •         Beef Jerky
Each item costs $1 in GPT coin (not real world cash. See below for details). There may be other options available at any time, but we will always at least have these items. We will always strive to have plenty on hand, if we do run out of something, we’re out for the rest of the event. How do I pay for snacks?
  •         The Golden Phoenix Tavern accepts Tavern coin, which can be purchased before events through PayPal at the link below. You may also purchase coin at the event.
  •         Tavern coin can be purchased with cash at the Tavern at any time during an event. The Tavern accepts only Tavern coin for the purchase of goods, so please purchase your coin before you think you’ll need it to avoid breaking immersion with real-world cash as much as possible during events. Pre-registering for coin at the link below is always the best way to ensure you’ll have coin in pocket and ready to spend when you arrive in Cornerstone! Just pick it up at check-in!
What do I do with my leftover Tavern coin?
  •         Once coin is purchased, it’s yours to use at any event, not just the one during which it was purchased, and it’s good forever!
  •         You are free to take your Tavern coin home with you, but if it’s lost or stolen, the Tavern cannot replace it.
  •         You may also bank your unused Tavern coin with Lady Zy at the end of an event.
Can I use Tavern coin with other merchants in game?
  •         No. Only the Tavern will accept Tavern coin. Likewise, the Tavern will not accept any other form of in-game currency.
What if I brought a food item I’d like to share with other Heroes?
  •         Anyone is welcome to leave a shareable item at the Tavern for everyone’s enjoyment! We only ask that you provide a visible label giving the name and description of the item, as well as a list of ingredients so that those with food allergies or other dietary restrictions can make safe choices.
What about donations? I want to help!
  •         The Tavern happily accepts donations! In addition to bringing items to share, you are also welcome to donate items for the Tavern to sell.
  •         Regularly-stocked supplies such as Gatorade mix and cheesecloth are gratefully accepted.
  •         Extra décor and string lights are always fun!
  •         We are always in need of more tables and seating as our population grows. If you have folding tables or chairs you either want to donate outright or bring for use in the Tavern during an event and take home with you, we will absolutely make good use of them! (Loaned tables/chairs must have your name clearly marked on them, preferably on the underside, so we can ensure they are returned to you!)
  •         While we are grateful for your donations, please contact Lady Zy (Dawn Summers) at least a week ahead of the event, and do not bring anything that hasn’t been approved in advance. Please understand that if we cannot use it or cannot store it, we cannot accept it, and Dawn has the final say on all donations.
  •         We will never turn down a fistful of cash. No pre-approval required!
  •         Please contact Dawn between events, or find Lady Zy at the Tavern, for more information regarding donations and other assistance to the Tavern. Thank you in advance for your generosity!
Please know that 100% of the money spent at the Golden Phoenix Tavern goes right back into it to restock food items and cover other supplies and overhead costs. We don’t make a profit at the Tavern, so the more you spend, the better we can serve you next time! phoenix-pay  

Does the Golden Phoenix Tavern have in-game house rules?

You bet your sweet patoot. (Clarifications in italics.)
  •         Lady Zy has the final word on everything in the Tavern. Do not fight it; you will not win. (My blood, sweat and tears are in this Tavern. The staff and I are very protective of it.)
  •         Do not put weapons or boots on the tables or counters. (Go ahead. I dare you.)
  •         Stay out of the kitchen. (Seriously. Food safety, sharp knives, occasional fire, the eternal wrath of your Tavernmistress… just don’t go in there.)
  •         The Tavern Ladies shall be treated in a favorable manner. (It’s always in your best interest to stay on their good side. Also, DBAD.)
  •         A witness shall be present for all games of chance. (Again, DBAD.)
  •         Disputes must be taken outside. (The Tavern itself does not allow violence or thievery.)
  •         No sitting on plates and crying. (Just ask Stephanie, our Game Liaison.)
  •         Do not trust or feed potoroos. (It’s a real animal. Look it up.)
  •         Victory Cake is a privilege, not a right. (Occasionally there will be cupcakes.)
  •         “Triple Death by Phoenix” is a real thing and it will be used if necessary. (DBAD or I will kill your character.)
Lady Zy (left) and Shiela (Right). Photo Credit: Russ Matthews Photography.
Lady Zy (left) and Shiela (Right). Photo Credit: Russ Matthews Photography.