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Heroic Virtues

NOTE: All player characters must choose at least three Virtues for their character. Once chosen, these cannot be changed without permission of the Directors.

The Twelve Virtues

Ages ago, after the Godswar was finished, the gods prepared to withdraw from the mortal realm. The agreement they had made with Sarai and the other powerful primal spirits forbade the gods from inhabiting and directly interfering with the natural world. They knew that in their absence the mortal races would have no connection to the Otherworld. Thus, before they abandoned the world to its devices, they allied themselves together and each spoke words of celestial power into the earth. These words carried immeasurable mystic potential, and the gods bound these sigils into the essence of Sarai, the Titan who had bound her energy into the world in order to save it. Thus, these words of power have resonated through the mortal realm since the beginning. Continue reading Heroic Virtues


The rules used by Brittanis Live Action Adventure are a licensed version of the Accelerant system developed by Robert Ciccolini and have been used to support over twenty Live Action games in the last 5 years.

Why did we choose the Accelerant system? Check out this blog post for more information.

At the top in the menu is a button that says "Guidebook". This takes you to the table of contents for the rules of the game and the information about the world and setting.

Getting Started is all the rules you need to know to play the game.

  • Etiquette & Safety is just that-- rules about interpersonal safety as well as some very important safety rules and information on how Brittanis works.
  • Delivery, Effects and Traits is the heart and soul of the Accelerant system-- if you understand how these three components interact, you understand the VAST majority of the game. Trying to read the rest of the rules without understanding this section thoroughly will be VERY difficult.
  • Accelerant Quicksheet is a chart that simplifies the meanings of the Safety Phrases and Effects for ease of use. Printing a copy of this and having it handy while reading the rest of the rules is highly recommended.
  • Skill Header System details how to read the skills and how to use them.
  • Resources goes over the pieces that make up a Brittanis character.

Character Creation goes over the step by step process involved in making your first Brittanis character. Each section has an overview and most have links to the appropriate information.

The next few Source sections (General, Arcane, Otherworld, Primal, and Skill) are the sections that detail the different Sources of power in Brittanis as well as detailing each of the available Classes.

Magic is the section that gives the rules for Spellcasting, Magic Items, Signature Items, and the entire current Spell List for the game.

Economy & Crafting covers the rules about money, banking, and the gathering, refining, and crafting of items in Brittanis.

Combat is last, containing rules for how combat is supposed to look and work, what happens when your character gets hurt, what happens if they die, and the Weapon Construction guidelines for Brittanis.

This might seem like a lot to digest at once, but if you learn and understand the Getting Started section (doable in an hour or so), the rest of the rules become merely extensions of that core concept. Don't feel overwhelmed or discouraged-- it's far easier than it might appear. Feel free to register on the Forums under the Community link and ask questions.

Welcome to Brittanis-- the Adventure of a Lifetime!!

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Why Accelerant?

(EDIT 1-28-2015: To learn more about other Accelerant games, check out The Accelerant Games Portal)

I'm pretty sure this question is going to come up a lot now that the Alpha Review rules have started to be published, so I'm going to address it now.

The question is a simple one: Why choose the Accelerant rules for Brittanis LARP? The answer is a bit more complex. I'm going to break it down.

Continue reading Why Accelerant?