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Epithets: The God-Sage, The Ancient One, The Great Mage

Heroic Virtues:Industry, Prowess, Faith, Nobility Major: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Shadow Minor: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter Goddess of magic and patron of arcane spellcasters, Eldrea holds that magic is a tool, pure in its form and devoid of emotion, intent, or morality. In the right hands, magic can build and construct mighty empires, but in those same hands it can kill, maim and destroy untold lives. It is believed that Eldrea was the god who created the spell that bound the Titans in the bowels of the earth, powered by Sarai’s energy. She is the goddess of knowledge and history, for without those magic becomes useless. She is passionless and calm, and expects her followers to emulate her. Magic is a thing to be controlled and harnessed; those without the will to hold their passions in check will be dominated by the magic itself. Summoning or dealing with demons and Darkling creatures is strictly forbidden by Eldrea—only the Demon Princes benefit by mortals knowing those secrets. One of the chief duties of the Great Mage’s followers is the relentless hunting down and slaying of demon worshippers and adepts who use Darkling power to fuel their magics. It is because of them that magic has the stigma it does today, and Eldrea fights hard to keep her reputation clean. She sponsors several orders of monks, dedicated to self-perfection and the expansion of self-knowledge. One order of wizard/monks called the Binding Hand are dedicated to the destruction of all things infernal, and have gained a reputation as fierce and wise warriors. Her symbol is five stars linked by a circle of silver. Her favored weapon is the dagger or quarterstaff, and her Character Values are Industry, Prowess, Faith, and Nobility. The specialty priest of Eldrea is the Witch Hunter.

Empowerment Skills

Lore of the Great Library (2, 2 CP; Combination Information Skill)

Requires 2 Character Values chosen from: Industry, Prowess, Faith, Nobility. Eldrea is the goddess of history, legend, and knowledge-- it is fitting that she answer her Chosen when they inquire to her for such things. Using this skill costs 5 hours of Downtime, but it answers a question with detail and information a character might not know they needed. Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Fate." This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills. 2nd Purchase: Two questions can be asked per Downtime using this skill.

Shield of Knowledge (2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle)

Requires Lore of the Great Library x2. As the patron of magic, Eldrea knows its misuse can be deadly. The grants her followers protection against the energies she has care over. Once per battle, you can spend 1 Stamina to call, "Resist" against any packet attack that has the "by Magic" Trait. 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle

Mind Over Matter (4, 4 CP; 3 Stamina; Event)

Requires Shield of Knowledge x2. Eldrea believes that the mind is the single most powerful tool a mortal possesses; she unlocks its defensive potential in her most devoted servants. Once per event, you can call, "Imbue by Eldrea, the Great Mage" and remove all negative effects currently affecting you. This skill can be used to remove Stricken. 2nd Purchase: usable 1/day.


Formerly a Titan, Sarai sacrificed her power to save the world she had come to love from the war that threatened to destroy it. Now bound to the land itself, Sarai has the power of a goddess and then some. Some tales and legends say that, as part of the epic ritual designed by Eldrea, Sarai sacrificed her physical form to repair the damage done to Aerys by the Godswar. Sarai is the mistress of the primal urges of the world, of the four seasons and the raging thunderstorm and the pounding surf. She is the Wavemistress, the Lady of Thunder, and the Wild Queen. She reigns over many druids and those who wander the dark and forgotten places of the world. Many non-humans and humanoids worship her predatory aspects as well, paying homage to her through worship of beast totems and animal spirits. She is goddess of the oceans, and counts sailors as some of her most fervent clergy. Sarai is also the mother of Dagmar, the god of battle and conflict.
As the story goes, after Ghorn the Godsmith was betrayed by the Archdemon Lavaynis, he wandered for unknown ages in the dark of the untamed wilderness. Ghorn--formerly clean-shaven and orderly--grew a beard in his grief so long and shaggy that the little birds of the wood came to nest in it—so many birds, in fact, that the predators of the wild came hunting the birds and roused the fury of the grief-stricken Godsmith. As Ghorn laid waste to the wilderness around him, the predators called out to their goddess Sarai and she came to stop the interloper. Ghorn’s grief was so terrible and his passion for his lost love so great that Sarai’s wild heart felt the passion of love for the first time. She consoled the mighty Godsmith, and together they made a child— Dagmar, the wild and fierce god of soldiers and warriors. The Free Dwarves deny the part in this story about Ghorn being beardless, and claim instead that his already-luxurious beard was instead allowed to grow so wild and unkempt that the moles and badgers of the earth came to burrow within it. Many stories and myths tell of the Archdemons trying in various ways to slay the child-god Dagmar, but they quickly found that Sarai’s furious nature also applied to her parenting. Many is the mother whose children are in danger who utters a desperate prayer to Sarai in order to have the strength to protect her younglings— and Sarai has been known to answer in mighty and terrible ways to these desperate pleas.
There are many sects to her worship, but ultimately, Sarai blesses those who respect and honor the wild places in one way or another. As befits the Queen of Predators, Sarai does not favor one worshipper over another in most cases. As such, Sarai has no specialty priests, but instead blesses the many Primal characters who venerate her as a part of the land itself. These followers treat Sarai as the mightiest and greatest of the spirits of the world, first and most mighty among the spirits that infuse Aerys. Aberrations, mutants and creatures twisted by dark magic are among her most hated foes, as they have no place in the world of trees, lakes and wilderness. Those who wantonly despoil the wild or corrupt the natural order are hunted down like prey. Like her sisters, Sarai cares little for the morality of the White Court or the wanton destruction of the Demon Princes. She simply is.
  • Her favorite weapon is the spear, or trident for those in coastal regions.
  • Her values are Courage, Largesse, Principle, and Humility.


Titanic Vigor (2, 2, 2 CP)

Requires 2 Character Values Courage, Largesse, Principle, and Humility. Sarai is a goddess now, but she did not sacrifice all of the power she wielded as a Titan. You have harnessed that vigor and it infuses you.
  • Your maximum Stamina increases by 1. Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Fate." This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills.

Predatory Spirit (2, 2, CP; 2 Stamina, Battle)

Requires Titanic Vigor 2. The supernatural spirit of the Goddess of the Wyld pushes your mortal nature to the side, for a brief time making you into something wilder, more feral, and altogether more dangerous.
  • You can use this skill once per event. When you use this skill, call, "Imbue to Self by the Wyld Huntress!" Until the end of the battle, your normal racial traits (Human, Wild Elf, Free Dwarf, etc) are replaced with the "Beast" racial trait. NOTE: This skill does NOT remove the Hero or Fae trait.
  • 2nd Purchase: this skill lasts until the end of the current Watch.

Wyld Immunity (3, 3, 3 CP)

Requires Predatory Spirit 2. Your communion with the goddess of nature has made you extremely resistant to the affects her energy generates in your enemies.
  • You call "Shield" against the first three effects with the Nature trait that hit you per Watch.
  • 2nd Purchase: You call "Resist", and can choose which attacks you defend against.
  • 3rd Purchase: per battle.



Epithets: The Evermaiden, Dawn Rose, Lady of Light

Heroic Virtues: Humility, Largesse, Etiquette, Faith

Major: Light, Spring, Water

Minor: Air, Summer

Goddess of beauty and healing, redemption and sunlight, Liriel is quite literally the most beautiful entity in all creation. Not a vain creature of physicality, the Evermaiden knows and expects her followers to acknowledge that beauty comes from within as well. As the child of a love match between Arturian and The Lady of the Lake, she knows the beauty that such a union can bring to the world. Indeed, physical beauty in all things shall fade, but those who are kind of heart and lovely of disposition are blessed with far more durable gifts. Liriel is the youngest of the gods, and is often portrayed as a benevolent, smiling young woman. She is the goddess of healing, and her priests often accompany armies, intent on preserving the beauty of life instead of letting it slip away into the hands of bloody death. She is the goddess of love but not lust, citing that sexual union is beautiful only when both parties are emotionally connected. Sexual assault is the ultimate heresy to her faith, damaging both the spirit and the body at the same time. She is The Shining Rose--Liriel is holds the best for all things in her heart, and encourages such optimism in her clerics as well. As the goddess of the sun, she spreads her warmth down upon all things granting them her blessings equally. Her symbols are an angelic figure with the sun rising behind its wings, a rising sun, a rose (always depicted WITH the thorns) surrounded by wheat or a sunburst, or a unicorn. Though she deplores the destruction that violence brings, she realizes the necessity of self-defense in a darkening world— many are the knights and warriors dedicated to guardianship of a particular site or thing of beauty. When necessary, her favored weapon is the longbow. Her values are Humility, Largesse, Etiquette, and Faith. Liriel's specialty priest class is the Dawncaller. LIRIEL EMPOWERMENT Pool of Radiance (3, 3, 3 CP; 0 Stamina; Points Reset at beginning of Watch) Requires 2 Character Values chosen from: Humility, Largesse, Etiquette, and Faith. You gain a pool of Radiance Points that refresh at the beginning of each Watch. You gain 1 Radiance point for each skill you possess that has the Stabilize, Purge, Cure, or Heal effects. Additional purchases of skills with those effects do not grant additional Radiance Points unless they add a new effect to your abilities. This skill does not grant an additional Radiance Points.

  • Example: the First Aid skill starts out with the Stabilize effect, and at 2nd Purchase adds the Heal Effect. You would gain 1 Radiance Point for the Stabilize, and 1 for the Heal.
  • Example: The spell Freedom’s Cry on the Summer list has the verbal “Cure Root to Self By Nature.” Buying Level 1 of this spell according to the normal Spellcasting rules increases your Radiance Pool by +1. Buying levels 2-4 of this spell would also add +1 to your Radiance pool each time you improve the spell.

You can spend 2 Radiance Points to make the following prayer to Liriel and touch a target, calling, “Heal 1 by the Evermaiden.” The prayer must be made slowly and calmly, preferably sung.

“Praise be to Liriel, goddess of the light

Whose radiance and mercy guide us safely through the night, illumine our darkness and keep us safe we pray, so we may rise and worship you oh goddess of the day.”

  • 2nd Purchase:  +1 Radiance Pool. Once per watch, you can spend 2 Radiance points to call, “Resist by the Evermaiden” against any effect with the Shadow or Darkness traits.  
  • 3rd Purchase: +1 Radiance Pool. 2nd Purchase ability becomes 1/battle, and immediately after the Resist, you can call, “By Your Name, [Name], Heal [Tier] by the Evermaiden.”   

Hope Remains (3, 3, 5 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch, Empowerment)

Requires Pool of Radiance 2. Bringing heroes back from the brink of death is common in the tales and legends of Brittanis-- Liriel's faithful are particularly adept at this, giving those who have been gravely wounded hope to continue the fight against the Darkness. Once per Watch, immediately after you remove the Dying or Dead trait from a target (either by using a Stabilize, Heal, or Cure Death effect) , you can immediately spend 2 Stamina and call, "Hope Remains! By My Voice, Heal 2 to Hero by the Evermaiden." Example: Briana is a 2nd Tier follower of Liriel, and casts the spell Healing Light (from the Magical Art: Light list) on a dying ally, calling, "Heal 2 and Short Weakness by Light," removing the Dying trait. That allows her to immediately follow up with Hope Remains, calling, "Hope Remains! By My Voice, Heal 2 to Hero by the Evermaiden."
  • 2nd Purchase: 2/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: “"Hope Remains! By My Voice, Heal [Tier] to Hero by the Evermaiden."

Light Within (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 3 Stamina, Empowerment, Day)

Requires Hope Remains 2. The blessing of the Evermaiden flows through you, turning you into a font of life and healing energy. Once per day, you can sing the song below and touch a target, calling, “Heal 2 and Refresh 2 Stamina by the Evermaiden.” This skill cannot be used on a Dawncaller.

(to the tune of “We Three Kings”

Liriel oh goddess of light Help me through this darkest night Oh, you can save with healing aid Your passion, in me burns bright. In my heart I hear you call Guide my hand, raise those who fall In this place send me your grace Oh Liriel, light of all.”

  • 2nd Purchase: “By Your Name, [Name], Heal 2 and Refresh 2 Stamina by the Evermaiden.”
  • 3rd Purchase: Useable 1/watch.
  • 4th Purchase: Touch for “Heal [Tier] and Refresh 3 Stamina by the Evermaiden.” or ““By Your Name, [Name], Heal [Tier] and Refresh 3 Stamina by the Evermaiden.”


Epithets: Hammerhand, The Runesmith, Godsmith, Fire Lord Heroic Virtues:Prowess, Loyalty, Defense, Industry Major: Earth, Fire, Winter Minor: Light, Water Godsmith, The Crafter, Runemaker and Hammerhand—all these are names for Ghorn, god of fire, smiths, crafters and strategy. Naturally a favorite of the Free Dwarves, they hold that the Great Smith forged the first dwarves on his anvil, crafting them out of the essence of earth and metal. He is meticulous about his work and utterly dedicated to his craft. He was the original partner of Aenryia, and with her fathered Emrys, till she was tricked by the Demon Prince Lavaynis into believing Ghorn was a creature of evil. The Lady left Ghorn, and for that treachery a deep smoldering hate sits within his heart toward Lavaynis. Time passed and the Godsmith paired for a brief time with Sarai, and they begat Dagmar, Lord of Battle. Ghorn pays attention to the steady march of time, watching the progression of technology especially in how it involves his crafting and smithing. He is careful and ever-watchful, and his followers are encouraged to always have a backup plan or alternate strategy. He is a tactician and a strategist, and though he stands for good and righteousness, he is not a proponent of honorable combat at the expense of lives. His doctrine is that good planning and careful strategy are the keys to victory. Ghorn is also a god of fire and primal passion, and his followers are encouraged to embrace their aggressive nature, though they are to focus their passion to the good of all, not let it run wild without form or intent. His favored weapon is the warhammer and his symbol is a burning silver anvil or a Mountain topped by a crown of gold. His patron Character Values are Prowess, Loyalty, Defense, and Industry. Ghorn's specialty priest class is the Forgemaster.


Versatile Craftsman (2, 3 CP)

Requires 2 Character Values chosen from: Prowess, Loyalty, Defense, and Industry. Ghorn is the Great Craftsman, the Father if Invention. You emulate your patron by learning how to make many different things. The cost of any crafting skill you purchase is reduced by 1 CP, to a minimum of 1. Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Faith." This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills. 2nd Purchase: Choose 1 Quintessence Reservoir you have access to; its maximum is increased by +5. Choose 1 recipe you know. Its number of charges is increased by 1 permanently.

Strength of the Godsmith (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch, Empowerment)

Requires Versatile Craftsman 2. It takes immense, supernatural strength for Ghorn to swing his mighty forge hammer. You borrow some of that strength and channel it through his favored weapon. You can make a melee attack with a Blunt weapon (mace, hammer, staff, etc) for "Slam by Godsmith" 2nd Purchase: "X Damage and Slam by Godsmith" where X is your Tier. 3rd Purchase: Usable 1/battle. 4th Purchase: X is your Tier+2.

God-forge (3, 3, 3, 5 CP; 1 Stamina; Day, Empowerment)

Requires Strength of the Godsmith 2. Ghorn's magic can touch anything crafted by the hands of mortals. You have learned how to manipulate the magic of even the greatest artifacts, refreshing their potency and power with ease. Once per day, you can spend 1 minute of activity roleplaying a small magic ritual that must take place in a forge, smithy or other crafting location. Then touch a magic item and call, "Refresh Daily Skill by Godsmith." The owner of the item chooses what skill to be refreshed. You cannot use this skill on the same item more than once per event. This skill only works on permanent magic items. Consumables cannot be affected by this skill. 2nd Purchase: usable 2/day. 3rd Purchase: usable 3/day. 4th purchase: call, "Refresh ALL Daily skills by Godsmith"


Epithets:The Dreaming God, Lord of Song and Wine Heroic Virtues:Courage, Faith, Industry, Etiquette Major: Air, Autumn, Water Minor: Light, Shadow Eldest child of the Lady Aenryia and her first husband Ghorn, Emrys has the single-mindedness of both his parents but has rebelled against their orderly natures. He is the co-patron of art (along with his half-sister Liriel), as well as music, freedom, wine, and dreams. He created a multitude of spirits called Muses and gifts them occasionally to skilled or devoted mortals to help them with their artistic pursuits. He loves freedom and excess, and inspires his mortal followers to embrace their own talents and abilities to make things of beauty and significance. He has no set view of beauty, however, so the fluid, organic sculpture of the Gael'Dar are just as pleasing to him as the drum-cadences and the metallic perfection of the Free Dwarves. It is said that he created the bagpipes as the result of a contest. One of the other gods challenged Emrys to create a new musical instrument. Some stories say it was a contest with his sister Liriel, and the challenge was to create an instrument that was both beautiful and ugly at the same time. Other tales recall that Dagmar challenged Emrys to create an instrument that would both hearten warriors and instill fear in their foes. Regardless, the bagpipes were the result, and the Brynn have adopted them as a cultural staple of their music. Emrys seems to regard pipers with special esteem... and more than a little bit of bemused humor. Emrys is the patron of wine and all things alcoholic and intoxicating. Some might think this makes him a god of drunkenness too, but such is not the case. He appreciates the chemical’s ability to turn friends into enemies and make people do things they normally would not, and as such his followers are encouraged to enjoy the fruit of the vine but watch carefully lest they lose themselves to its charms. Lastly, he is the Dreaming God, sleeping off his wine-soaked revels and harnessing the power of the unconscious mind. Some say he holds lands in the Realm of Faerie because of this, that he negotiated with the Fae Courts for a piece of their realm, but no-one can be sure. His favored weapon is the shortsword and his symbol is a bunch of grapes atop a lyre. His patron Character Values are Courage, Faith, Franchise, and Etiquette. The specialty priest class for Emrys is the Dreamwalker.


Renewing Dreams     (2, 2, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Event, Empowerment)

Requires 2 Character Values chosen from: Courage, Faith, Franchise, and Etiquette.The Lord of Dreams restores the strength to use a skill that you have already expended that day. Once per evetnt, you can spend 10 seconds roleplaying pleasant daydream. Then choose either a daily attack or defense skill, and call, "Refresh Daily [Attack or Defense] by the Lord of Dreams." Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Faith."  This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills. 2nd Purchase: usable once per day. 3rd Purchase: usable once per watch.

Song of Renewal      (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Day, Empowerment)

Requires Renewing Dreams 2. The gifts of slumber and renewal the Dreaming God gives to you can now be transferred to another. Once per Day you can touch a target and call, "Refresh Daily [Attack or Defense] Skill by the Lord of Dreams." You cannot use this skill on the same target more than once per event. 2nd Purchase: you can call, "By Your Name, [Name], Refresh Daily [Attack or Defense] Skill by the Lord of Dreams." 3rd purchase: usable 1/watch. 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle.

Dream Secret         (5 CP, Stamina Special, Empowerment)

Requires Song of Renewal 2. The Lord of Wine and Song gifts you with a secret skill of immense power-- you gain a skill from another class you normally wouldn't have access to. If you achieve all prerequisites for this skill and wish to purchase it, contact Staff for details.


[ORR-ee-uss], also [uh-RAY-us] (see below)

Epithets:The Lawgiver, the Golden Merchant--OR-- Lady Luck, Dice Queen

Values:Justice, Nobility, Industry, Etiquette --OR--  Courage, Largesse, Principle, and Industry (see below)

  Characters with Aureus as their patron can purchase Major Access to ANY spell list; however, when the do so they lose access to the opposing spell list entirely. Thus, a character who chooses Major Access to the Light spell list can never purchase ANY access to the Shadow spell list. Likewise, choosing Fire loses the caster access to Water, and choosing Autumn loses access to Spring, etc. Somewhat aloof from the rest of the White Court, Aureus (ORR-ee-uss) focuses primarily on his duties and largely ignores the internecine politics of the rest of the gods. He is the patron of trade, law, wealth and merchants. As such his blessing is invoked over business dealings and caravans; his symbol is imprinted on many coins of the realm, and his is the wealthiest of all the clergies. Though he is the brother of Arturian, they are distant relations at best, allying for common defense and when Arturian’s interests overlap into legal, monetary concerns or the like. Aureus is one of two deities in the White Court that are not actually predisposed to "good"-- his concern is far more for Law and Order than morality. Aureus is concerned with the right way to do things, and breaking a contract or sealed oath is the highest blasphemy in his eyes. His priests often serve as judges, arbiters, and contract negotiators, because their scrupulousness is known world-wide. Even those of less than reputable character know that if a cleric of Aureus swears his word, it will be followed to the letter. They strive to be utterly above suspicion and incorruptible. As one of the patrons of nobility, Aureus allies with Aenryia to watch over those who have authority over others. Many tales tell of the Doom of Aureus falling on a noble who abused his liegemen. Aureus’ patronage of travelers makes him a popular god among adventurers, as they travel many miles and walk many twisted paths to achieve their goals. His symbols are a golden key, a coin with his face on one side, or merchant’s scale, and his favored weapon is the mace.

Lady Luck

It should be noted that while the male pronoun is used in more patriarchal societies, there are those who see Aureus as a female figure and pronounce the name differently (uh-RAY-us). The feminine aspect of Aureus is particularly common among the matrilineal Brynn; this version of Aureus takes on additional aspects, being seen as the goddess of chance, productive inspiration, and luck—both good and bad. Thus, this version of Aureus is understandably popular with heroes and others who find themselves in occupations that rely on a heavy dose of luck. Ironically, it also means that both thieves and merchants often are praying to the same deity on both sides of a deal, theft or swindle. When a character chooses Aureus as a patron, they choose which aspect of the god they wish to venerate-- Lady Luck or the Lawgiver. That trait is added to the verbals of the skills below and can never be changed. The specialty priest class of Aureus is the Justicar.


Balanced Mind        (2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Watch, Empowerment)

Requires 2 Heroic Virtues chosen from: [Lawgiver] Justice, Nobility, Industry, Etiquette--OR--[Lady Luck] Courage, Largesse, Principle, and Industry. The Great Negotiator keeps your mind from being influenced by extreme emotion. Once per watch you can pay 1 Stamina to call, "Resist by [Lawgiver or Lady Luck]." against any effect that has a Mental Trait. Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Faith."  This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills. 2nd Purchase: usable 1/battle

Progress of Aureus        (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch, Empowerment)

Requires Balanced Mind 2. Both Lady Luck and the Lawgiver are displeased when their followers are prevented from reaching their destinations. Once per watch, you can call, "By My Voice, Cure Slow by [Lawgiver or Lady Luck]." 2nd Purchase: You can now Cure Root--OR--Slow, but only one effect per use of this skill. 3rd Purchase: You can now Cure Paralyze, Root, or Slow, but only one effect per use of this skill. 4th Purchase: You can now Cure Stun, Paralyze, Root, or Slow. You can also choose any 2 effects and combine them. Verbal becomes: "By My Voice, Cure [Effect] and [Effect] by [Lawgiver or Lady Luck]."

Radiant Justice     (2, 2 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch, Empowerment)

Requires Progress of Aureus 2. Regardless of aspect, Aureus believes that those who do harm will have harm done to them; this magic is the very embodiment of that axiom. Once per watch when you take a called damage attack, you can immediately call, "Imbue by [[Lawgiver or Lady Luck], point at the target who dealt that damage and call, "By My Gesture, Waste X Vitality by Light." where X is the amount of damage you just took. Example: Verin is the High Inquisitor of Aureus, and is struck by a packet attack for, "5 Damage by Malediction." She staggers backward, roleplaying the hit, and immediately spends 2 Stamina, calling, "Imbue by Lawgiver!". She then stands up straight, points her weapon AT THE SAME ATTACKER who dealt the "5 Damage by Malediction" effect and calls, "By My Gesture, 5 Damage by Light!" 2nd Purchase: usable 1/battle