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Accelerant Quicksheet

(PDF version available for download & printing)

Safety & Etiquette

OOG CallOOG Condition
CautionSituation threatens player health. <10 sec ideal.
Clarification?Please repeat or explain last verbal. <3 sec ideal. Usually used by new players.
Let Me ClarifyNPC ONLY. The information immediately following the call should be considered true by any hearing it. Used to clarify in-game encounters, and only with special permission.
EMERGENCYPlayer or Staff has been injured. IMMEDIATELY take a knee and assess situation. GAME STOPS FOR DURATION OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY.
Hands OnAs a question, requesting consent to touch. As a statement, giving consent to touch.
Hands OffDenying consent to touch - all roleplay of touch must be pantomimed. Touch consent can be revoked at any time, no explanation necessary.
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Why Accelerant?

(EDIT 1-28-2015: To learn more about other Accelerant games, check out The Accelerant Games Portal)

I'm pretty sure this question is going to come up a lot now that the Alpha Review rules have started to be published, so I'm going to address it now.

The question is a simple one: Why choose the Accelerant rules for Brittanis LARP? The answer is a bit more complex. I'm going to break it down.

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