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Aquilonian Ocean

The titanic body of water that lies along the western coast of Brittanis is known for its vast, uncharted expanse. The Aquilonian Ocean, named for the empire of Aquilon, is so vast that no expedition to map it has every returned. Ships sail away but never come back and nobody knows if that is because they find some kind of paradise and chose to stay there, meet some grisly end at the hands of sea monsters or long-lost Aquilonian magic, or simply sail too far away and die of thirst, starvation or other natural disaster.

What is known that ships cannot travel more than a few days away from sight of land westward or they will never be seen or heard from again.

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"Weep for the pride of Aquilon, ye mortals; weep for that which is lost. For the glory of old shall never come again; the light of Aerys has gone out. Doors barred to the mind of man lay askew; gates with keys of madness gape wide. Awake is that which woken never should be; the price of pride is the Doom of Aquilon."

--from a fragment of the Cyriandran Cycle,
translated from ancient Aquilonian

Aquilon is name of an ancient civilization which held sway over large swaths of Brittanis. It was possibly the largest empire in the history of Aerys, and its eventual destruction was the event that heralded the Breaking of the World. The hubris and disobedience of Aquilon's leaders caused the gods to send a fiery mountain hurling down from the sky, sinking the entire continent beneath the waves and bringing darkness and desolation to the world for a thousand years. Seas fled the coasts in some places, mountains fell into the ocean or were thrust up from deep beneath the earth. Mortals by the millions died. coastlines were re-drawn and the wrath of the Otherworld was visited upon the sons and daughters of Aquilon for their treachery. The world was broken and has never reclaimed the glory of the Lost Empire.

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