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Creating a character that is believable, fully fleshed-out, and multi-dimensional can be a great foundation to base your roleplaying on and to give you guidelines for acting out your character’s decisions and behavior. HOWEVER, there are several things to keep in mind. For example, writing a history that involves politics, scheming and intrigue tells us you want that kind of plot aimed at your character. Similarly, writing a history filled with war, fighting and physical conflict tells us a lot about what you want us to send your way. Likewise, writing secrets into your back story is a Big Red Flag to Staff that says "I am okay with this secret coming into game." We may choose the time and manner of it, but writing a big, juicy secret into your backstory is giving the Plot Team fodder to build exciting adventures from.
  • Your character's history is your way as a player of informing Staff what kind of stories you want us to send your Hero's way and what kind of secrets she might have that will eventually come to light. It's your way of helping us craft your Brittanis experience.
  • Your character history is THE way to earn Background skills for our character. Your character History must tell Staff WHY you have picked the Background(s) that you have and HOW you earned the skills. for example, if you choose the Renegade Mage Background, details of how your character actually *became* a Renegade Mage must be included in the History.


Your character should be a Google Document, MAXIMUM of two pages, single-spaced, 12 point font.  NO HARD COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Continue reading Histories