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Multi-Source Characters

A character has access to one Source at character creation, and thereafter is considered a [Source] character. So if a character picks the Arcane Source at character generation, they gain the Arcane trait, and ever after are considered an Arcane character, even if they choose a second or third source later in their career. If you want to access another Source, they must pay the Source header cost in CP before you can access that Source OR the Headers under that Source. When a character has accumulated 20 CP, you can unlock a second Source. At 80 CP, a third Source can be unlocked. A character can never unlock all 4 sources. Again, for clarity—IGNORE the Character Point cost after the Source Header unless you are going for your second or third Source. Continue reading Multi-Source Characters

Advancement (WIP as of 10/25/15)

(NOTE: Step By Step Instructions for using the Brittanis Database for your Skill Purchase Requests are at the bottom of this page. MAKE SURE you understand how to spend the points before you use the Database.)  As you attend Events such as Adventure Weekends, Adventure Days, Workshops or the Winter Feast, your character learns about the world around them and gains experience in how to survive the harsh realm of Brittanis. It’s even possible for your character to gain experience when you’re volunteering and helping out the game as a whole. As your character adventures in Brittanis, they gain Character Points (CP) , which are the primary currency for character advancement. You earn CP by:
  • Attending Events
  • Investing in quality costume & props for your character
  • Volunteering for the game's benefit
  • Supporting merchants/vendors that support Brittanis
The more effort and investment you put into making Brittanis better, the better the game is as a whole, and the rule system rewards the dedicated player for that time and investment.

Advancement and Tiers of Play

All new characters begin play at 1st Tier. As your character advances, they learn how to accomplish more amazing tasks and become more powerful in general. As a character gains more CP, they can diversify their skills and open up new Skill Headers—and eventually, can unlock entirely new Sources of power to draw from. Some skills have higher levels that increase in power as a character goes up in Tier. It’s important to note that the Starting Points a new character begins play with DO NOT count towards advancement on the chart below, which is why they are called Starting Points and not Character Points. Only Character Points earned after character creation by attending events and/or volunteering to help the game apply to the Advancement Table. See Earning Character Points for more details on how you can acquire Character Points.
  • 2nd Tier characters gain +2 max Vitality and +2 max Stamina.
  • 3rd Tier characters gain an additional +2 max Vitality and +2 max Stamina.
  • 4th Tier characters gain an additional +2 max Vitality and +2 max Stamina.

Advancement Table

CP Earned Character Tier Maximum Sources Maximum Classes
0-10 1 1 2
11-19 1 1 3
20-39 2 2 3
40-59 2 2 4
60-79 3 3 4
80-99 3 3 5
100 + 4 3 5

Spending Character Points

Characters start at 1st Tier in Brittanis,  just beginning their heroic journey, and they are not nearly as powerful as they will become as time goes by. Thus, starting characters in Brittanis gain 25 Starting Points. Starting points spend at the exact same ratio as earned Character Points. You must spend at least 22 of your Starting Points before play begins. Humans get bonus Starting Points and must spend ALL of those bonus points. Character points can be applied to any of your characters, but no single character may receive more than 40 character points in a calendar year. Character points can be used to buy new skills and to raise attributes. Once you’ve earned them, the next step is spending those character points you’ve accumulated through your hard work adventuring and volunteering. Thankfully, spending CP is easy. For more details, see the Skill Header System section. The Skill Header system is simple. Every skill belongs to a header, which is a grouping of skills under a common theme or concept. Each race has its own Racial header, each Background has its own Background header, and so on. Each category of magical Spells is considered its own separate Header. Each power Source has its own header, and each Source has sub-headers underneath it called Classes.

Character Points

  • See the Skill Header System and Downtime for more detail on this topic.
  • You must unlock a header before you can buy skills from it. To unlock a header, spend the listed number of CP in the header skill. Ex. you cannot purchase skills from the Scholar Header till you pay the 3CP to buy the Scholar skill and unlock itRace, Background, and Allegiance skills are automatically unlocked when a character chooses them during character creation.
  • Once you have unlocked a header, you can purchase any skill in that header so long as you spend the listed number of CP and meet all the Requirements.
  • You cannot buy multiples of the same named skill at the same time. This only applies to an individual named skill. Ex. the Healing Herbs skill can be purchased up to 5 times. You could not buy 3 levels of Healing Herbs in a single Survey, even if you have the Character Points saved up to afford it. Either spend the points on more diverse abilities (recommended) or purchase one level of the ability on three separate surveys.
  • If a skill has Requirements, you cannot purchase both the Requirement and the skill in the same interval. Ex. if Two-Weapon Fighting 2 has a Requirement of Two-Weapon Fighting 1, you cannot purchase both Two-Weapon Fighting 1 and Two-Weapon Fighting 2 in the same Survey. You must purchase level 1 in one Survey, attend (or pay for) another event, and then purchase level 2 in the next Survey.
  • You may only purchase a specifically-named skill once unless the description indicates it can be bought again. Ex. The skill Circle of Steel appears on several lists, but it can only be purchased once, regardless of how many headers you have access to with that skill on it. On the flip side of that, there are numerous skills that can increase a character's Vitality or Stamina pools; as long as these skills have different names, you can purchase all of them for cumulative effect.


Downtime is a Resource that represents a character's time in between events.
  • Downtime is only earned by attending full events.
  • Downtime is a use-or-lose Resource. It cannot be saved up.
  • Unused downtime hours when a Survey closes AUTOMATICALLY convert to silver pieces at a rate of 1:1. this amount is added to your Bank Account.
  • If you do not attend the next event after a Downtime, any unused Downtime hours are lost and not converted to silver.

Information Skills

Some skills, called Information skills, allow a character to get in-game information between events, during Downtime. These skills cost Downtime hours to use. Follow the link for more details.


Donovan finishes up a full weekend event and gets 6 hours of Downtime. After the event ends he has saved up 6 CP to spend. Donovan also purchased the Write a Letter skill from the General list previously. 
He wants to buy the Large Blades skill (which has Requirements of Medium Blade and Short Blade), but he only has Short Blades currently, so on this Advancement Survey he purchases Medium Blades, using 3 CP . This leaves him with 3 CP and 6 Downtime. He also wants to buy the Thrown Weapons skill, which costs him another 3 CP taking him to 0 CP and 6 Downtime. All of this is submitted using the Brittanis database (see below for step-by-step instructions). 
Donovan uses 3 of his remaining Downtime to write a letter to his sister back home, asking her a specific question about his family history that relates to a current plot line. He does this using the Online Raven Station. 
Donovan has 3 Downtime left, but nothing really to spend it on. It converts to 3 silver pieces at the beginning of the next event, and is added to his Bank Account.

Multi-Class and Multi-Source Characters

Gaining a second, third, etc Class within the same Source is easy. All you have to do is meet the requirements for the Class and pay the 3 CP to access the header-- and you get a Free Skill for buying into most classes! Then you can freely buy skills from that header if you meet the skill's Requirements . Multi-Source characters are a bit more tricky. Adding a second Source is expensive, but can be worth it for those who really desire to do so. Follow This Link For More Info.

Step By Step Instructions for Submitting CP/DT Expenditure

NOTE: As of 10-25/15, many of the pieces must be manually entered. We are adding functionality and data every day, and by Spring 2016 hope to have all calculations and automation in place. Please be patient-- this process will get simpler and faster. 
  1. Check your online Google Character Sheet for your available Character Points and Downtime hours. Record these numbers and keep track of them. If you need help finding your sheet or have questions about it, please email brittanis.logistics@gmail.com.
  2. Log into the Brittanis Database (if you need a login, send an email titled DATABASE LOGIN to brittanis. logistics@gmail.com and we’ll set one up for you). 
  3. Under "Welcome to the Brittanis Database", on the right side, click on the link "Complete My Post Event Activities."
  4. On the "Ready to Level Up?" Page, in the lower right box, click the name of the character you wish to buy skills for. Most players will only have one option here.
  5. This is your character record. Scroll down until you see the tabs "General--Events--Skill Upgrades--Public Records--Ravens & Infoskills" Click on "Skill Upgrades."
  6. In the "Skill Additions and Upgrades" panel, on the far RIGHT side, click "Add New."
  7. This is the Skill Upgrade page.  On the Right side, click "Lookup." From the popup, you can either Search the skill you wish to buy, or scroll through to find it. Skills are being added all the time, so if you don't find it once, make sure you check back, because it might be there the next time you login!
  8. IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE SKILL YOU WANT, click "Yes" for "Skill Not Listed?"
  9. Input the Skill Name you want to buy under "Skill Name, Manual Entry" and the appropriate number of Character Points/Downtime in the "Character Points Required, Manual" box.
  10. Click the "Save" button in the upper-left corner of the record screen.
  11. When your purchase is audited and approved, you will receive an email notification that the skill has been added to your character!

Heroic Choice

Some time in the last 4 years, your life changed forever. You made a Choice, and something awakened inside you. Now you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of events that have changed your world completely.   The Choice seems simple on the surface. At some point, you put yourself in danger in order to protect someone who couldn’t protect themselves. It wasn’t a reflex or a reaction; it didn’t happen by accident or by chance. You had enough time to realize the choice was there: put yourself in danger to protect someone, or keep yourself safe and let harm come to an innocent. You had the time to think and Chose. You put yourself in danger to protect an innocent, and when you did, something broke free and awoke within you-- a reservoir of power and endurance you did not have access to before.   The Heroic Choice is different for everyone-- for some it is as simple as jumping in front of a runaway carriage to rescue a child. For others it is much more complex or subtle, like standing up to a thieves’ guild or even defying your own family. For others it’s as straightforward as actions taken during a battle, or defending your home from raiders or monsters. Regardless of the context, the Heroic Choice is a common thread among all Heroes. Every single Hero has it, and knows what it was. (If you as a player don’t know what your Heroic Choice was, feel free to make it up and run it by a Staff member, then put it in your Backstory document)   After your Heroic Choice, something shifted inside you. A longing of spirit to travel developed, and you felt yourself being called in a particular direction. On the Map of Brittanis, near the center of the map, there is a white flag that represents the town of Cornerstone. From whatever direction you are coming, this is the direction you were/are drawn in. Shortly after your Choice, it was just an itch, a desire to go that direction.   The longer you deny it (if you did), the more intense it got. Some characters choose to fight it, while others are prevented by ability, duty, or other circumstances. Regardless, it only becomes worse the longer it is denied. Only when the journey begins does the need to travel in that direction abate, and once you got to your destination, the internal sense of completion and rightness was nearly overwhelming.   This is where you are supposed to be; this is where your destiny has led you. This is where your story truly begins.     Heroic Choice FAQ
  • How does my character’s Heroic Virtues fit into her Heroic Choice?
    • Your Heroic Choice should exemplify or showcase ONE of your Virtues.


Creating a character that is believable, fully fleshed-out, and multi-dimensional can be a great foundation to base your roleplaying on and to give you guidelines for acting out your character’s decisions and behavior. HOWEVER, there are several things to keep in mind. For example, writing a history that involves politics, scheming and intrigue tells us you want that kind of plot aimed at your character. Similarly, writing a history filled with war, fighting and physical conflict tells us a lot about what you want us to send your way. Likewise, writing secrets into your back story is a Big Red Flag to Staff that says "I am okay with this secret coming into game." We may choose the time and manner of it, but writing a big, juicy secret into your backstory is giving the Plot Team fodder to build exciting adventures from.
  • Your character's history is your way as a player of informing Staff what kind of stories you want us to send your Hero's way and what kind of secrets she might have that will eventually come to light. It's your way of helping us craft your Brittanis experience.
  • Your character history is THE way to earn Background skills for our character. Your character History must tell Staff WHY you have picked the Background(s) that you have and HOW you earned the skills. for example, if you choose the Renegade Mage Background, details of how your character actually *became* a Renegade Mage must be included in the History.


Your character should be a Google Document, MAXIMUM of two pages, single-spaced, 12 point font.  NO HARD COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Continue reading Histories


Everybody comes from somewhere. The greatest heroes all have a back-story, a history that sets the stage for the tale of their mighty deeds or epic sacrifice. Some lived quiet lives, children of common farmers. Others were born as scions of noble houses, growing up in the shadow of politics, poison and assassination. Still others grew up on the streets, abandoned or orphaned, learning to survive on their own by their wits and toughness. Regardless, every character is shaped by the culture they were raised in and the conditions they grew up in. Continue reading Backgrounds

Character Concept

The first step in creating a Brittanis character is possibly the most important. This is the step where you form a picture in your mind of what you want your character to be.

Ideas & Inspiration

Brittanis is heavily influenced by the myths, tales, and literature of King Arthur and the myth cycle surrounding him, but adds in many of the tropes of a medieval fantasy world—elves, dwarves, the undead and magic all exist in far greater prominence than the standard Arthurian tales. Likewise, there are so many interpretations of the Arthurian cycles that you don’t have to feel constrained by one author’s “view” when coming up with a character idea. Continue reading Character Concept

Custom Character Instructions

version 1.6 Building a Brittanis character from scratch can be a complex undertaking. These help outline each step and keep everything as simple as possible. Keep in mind that all of this is changeable until the moment it's submitted officially to Staff and gets approved. If you decide you want to go back and change everything once you start spending your Starting Points, that's totally okay. Continue reading Custom Character Instructions

Heroic Virtues

NOTE: All player characters must choose at least three Virtues for their character. Once chosen, these cannot be changed without permission of the Directors.

The Twelve Virtues

Ages ago, after the Godswar was finished, the gods prepared to withdraw from the mortal realm. The agreement they had made with Sarai and the other powerful primal spirits forbade the gods from inhabiting and directly interfering with the natural world. They knew that in their absence the mortal races would have no connection to the Otherworld. Thus, before they abandoned the world to its devices, they allied themselves together and each spoke words of celestial power into the earth. These words carried immeasurable mystic potential, and the gods bound these sigils into the essence of Sarai, the Titan who had bound her energy into the world in order to save it. Thus, these words of power have resonated through the mortal realm since the beginning. Continue reading Heroic Virtues