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Heroic Virtues

NOTE: All player characters must choose at least three Virtues for their character. Once chosen, these cannot be changed without permission of the Directors.

The Twelve Virtues

Ages ago, after the Godswar was finished, the gods prepared to withdraw from the mortal realm. The agreement they had made with Sarai and the other powerful primal spirits forbade the gods from inhabiting and directly interfering with the natural world. They knew that in their absence the mortal races would have no connection to the Otherworld. Thus, before they abandoned the world to its devices, they allied themselves together and each spoke words of celestial power into the earth. These words carried immeasurable mystic potential, and the gods bound these sigils into the essence of Sarai, the Titan who had bound her energy into the world in order to save it. Thus, these words of power have resonated through the mortal realm since the beginning. Continue reading Heroic Virtues