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I know it’s been a while since we've posted up a Design Diary, but the Staff hasn't been idle, I promise! Be sure to check out the Guidebook pages. The ruleset for the Beta Test is largely finished; in fact, you can now build a complete, playable Brittanis character!

We've still got a lot of work ahead of us to have all options on the table for the playtest, but day by day more information gets posted to the site, filling out the rules and fleshing out the world of Brittanis for players to see. Give it a look and feel free to post up any questions, comments, or inquiries onto the Community Forums.

When I (Jason) came back to the USA for two weeks in August 2012, we had a Staff Meeting and one of the things we worked on was the over-arching plotline for the entirety of the Brittanis game. That structure and plotting will be the topic of another Design Diary all its own, but one of the of the things we got to talking about was our approach to monsters in Brittanis.

Monsters of various kinds are all over the source material for our game, so it wasn’t a matter of whether or not to have monsters (and really, what’s a fantasy RPG without monsters?). Rather, the discussion centered around how we intend on handling those monsters and making sure we, as Staff, are all on the same page. Since that Staff meeting, the conversation has continued, and I want you (the player) to know some of what we’re thinking about.

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What Does “Dark Arthurian Roleplaying” Mean, Anyway?

The title says it pretty well. This is a question I get asked fairly often, so I’m going to use this as a forum to put the information out in one place.

First, we need to address why I keep getting asked the question at all.

In a discussion about LARP, it’s obvious that the most common “genre”, by far, is the Medieval Fantasy LARP—and most of them get described as “it’s kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, but you get to act out the character.” I think we can pretty much agree on that, but it's a rather crude explanation that has too many negative connotations for my taste.

Here’s the thing—I think we (meaning players, Staff, and the entire Brittanis community) can do BETTER. I know we can, in fact. And that was part of what influenced the heavily-focused setting for Brittanis.


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Why Accelerant?

(EDIT 1-28-2015: To learn more about other Accelerant games, check out The Accelerant Games Portal)

I'm pretty sure this question is going to come up a lot now that the Alpha Review rules have started to be published, so I'm going to address it now.

The question is a simple one: Why choose the Accelerant rules for Brittanis LARP? The answer is a bit more complex. I'm going to break it down.

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