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Earning CP & Immersive Kit Rewards

(see also Reserve Points) Every event you attend will earn your character at least a base amount of Character Points. Beyond that base amount, any additional points you earn are up to you, determined by the time, dedication, and investment you wish to put into the game. The more effort and investment you put into the game, the more the game rewards that investment. Continue reading Earning CP & Immersive Kit Rewards

Level up your Larp: Kit Level Examples

Introduction to CP & Kit

So the internet ate my first super-long version of this Note; I'm going to recap: 1) The official rules for CP & Kit are found here. The most important section regarding this note specifically is the second paragraph under the "Kit Levels & CP Awards" heading. 2) One of the founding principles for Brittanis is maximum immersion in-character and in-game. Just about everything we try to do has this as a consideration. If we were awarding Character Points to Brittanis as if the game was a player, we'd be getting 0 across the board-- we're trying to increase the costumes, weapons, and prosthetics of the game every single event. We're trying to reach the same goals for the game as a whole that are set out in the rules for players. 3) Being awarded less than "max" CP in a category is NOT a judgement on a player, nor is it Staff saying you're not good enough-- quite the opposite. Getting the the BONUS CP from a category is us saying thank you for working with us to make the game better. Continue reading Level up your Larp: Kit Level Examples