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Accelerant Quicksheet

(PDF version available for download & printing)

Safety & Etiquette

OOG CallOOG Condition
CautionSituation threatens player health. <10 sec ideal.
Clarification?Please repeat or explain last verbal. <3 sec ideal. Usually used by new players.
Let Me ClarifyNPC ONLY. The information immediately following the call should be considered true by any hearing it. Used to clarify in-game encounters, and only with special permission.
EMERGENCYPlayer or Staff has been injured. IMMEDIATELY take a knee and assess situation. GAME STOPS FOR DURATION OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY.
Hands OnAs a question, requesting consent to touch. As a statement, giving consent to touch.
Hands OffDenying consent to touch - all roleplay of touch must be pantomimed. Touch consent can be revoked at any time, no explanation necessary.
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Delivery, Effects, & Traits

Attack Delivery, Game Effects, and Flavor Traits

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At the heart of the Brittanis game engine is a single concept--your character wants to affect their environment, and the environment (monsters, NPCs, etc) want to affect your character. The goal of the Core Rules are to facilitate that in the most immersive way while making the actual operation of the rules as simple and streamlined as possible.

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