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March in Cornerstone

  Guys Galus told me that several of our friends started their walk last month after trying to get a treasure on that horrid island.  What happened?  It sounds like some crazy things happened.  Fill an old woman in!
Serwyn (Norn of Lyoness, Shaman,  House Valerias)


  • I told you about the south part right? Cause that's where I went. Others will have to share with you what happened in the Middle, and the North part of the island, as well as the issue with the Northern Waygate.....

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  • People keep talking about the Golden Phoenix with hushed tones.  What happened there?
    Serwyn (Norn of Lyoness, Shaman,  House Valerias)
  • This all sounds interesting, I would like to know as well.
    Gerard Costayne, son of Gerant, humble follower of the lady of the lake.
    NPC: red shirt #4 and formorian slave #(the one that died a lot)
  • I would like to get a clear synopsis as well. Hearing about the different events separately does not provide quite the same picture as getting them all in a singular context.
    PC: Nyessia, Follower of Liriel, goddess of love and light. (Gael'Dar)
  • There used to be players who wrote in-character synopses of the events, which were then posted in order for use. 

    Just saying. 
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