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I think we might need to talk about the spores we have found and the dangers they are to us all. I know this is a discussion that any with any alchemical leaning would be interested in. I have been studying these spores as of late seeking a cure, and as we have just learned the elves of Seridane have been seeking a cure as well and have come up with some thing to slow the effects. I have written them to see if we can share information, and I will share what I can with any who ask.

First we have encountered three types of spores.
  • The white spores were first encountered in Seridane in the spring of 108 AR. These spores are ashy and white. They seem to only effect elves and were encountered by heroes on the way to retrieve the Stone of Power. The infection causes the elves to become white faced and they seem to have a higher level of aggression than before. It seems as if their flesh has hardened and it might be that they are more difficult to effects of pain.
  • The white spores, to be called the Wet spores to distinguish from other variety, were again encountered in Seridane in the deep summer of 108 AR. However these spores were lumpy and wet unlike the previous variety. They seemed to be growing in a small pond, and preferred a moist environment. Of all of the races present the spores infected us all. Elves, Humans (Norn, Khemri), and Dwarves (although being metabolic in nature I was able to shake off the effects after a while) equally. The short term effects of the spores was that it deadened ones senses, and one heard a voice calling to them as they neared death. The long term effects of this spore I believe was that the elves exposed to it did die, and then came back from the dead as mindless zombies. The smell of mildew was quite pungent as well.
  • The Black Spores were encountered on 108 AR in the late Autumn during the Feast of Ancestors. Anondel and myself discovered them while exploring the mysterious lack of responses from the Head of the White Court. It is a black flaky spore, that is dry and brittle. It seems it only infects humans, as neither Anondel or myself were effected at all by it. It is noted that the spores seem to be absorbing the water from the fern plan itself, and a similar effect can be said to be happening to their victim. He has had a dramatic loss of weight, and hair from this spore. I took samples and then was sure to dispose of the fern and the remaining spore carefully.
What we know:
Having studied the spore samples with care, I have come to the conclusion that this a cleverly-designed infection. Part disease, part fungus, and obviously created by magic of some kind. This will not be easy to cleanse. I have devised that it will require 5 ingredients, one for each of the elements and one for Spirit as well. This will be a Master Alchemical Recipe. I have been devoting a lot of time and effort into this and think I am close, however the threat of this is real.

Gaulus Proudstone Sworn to House Blackwood (Free Dwarf) and ( Hearthwarden of Arturian)
SyĆ²rpiir Aleandaar, Coronal of House Aleandaar


  • What ingredients do you need?
    Gerard Costayne, son of Gerant, humble follower of the lady of the lake.
    NPC: red shirt #4 and formorian slave #(the one that died a lot)
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