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Coolthentic Tent / Camp areas

I have to say I really enjoyed Baldwin (Brad) and Sibylla (Emily)'s camp area. I liked how it worked well with other areas like Lilyanna (Stacey)'s as well. I want to see more of this, and am working on something myself now. I especially like how this could create a theme of area, and space without needing to be a tent or sleeping area. I might have to get a Trailer to haul more stuff though....
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  • I also enjoyed the pavilion, especially as a new player it really helped me get into the swing of things, I would also like to see special RP areas, maybe a tent used as an alchemists lab/place for player in game bartering. I also need to work on getting a "smithy" set up since there are a few characters, myself included that wear a sizeable amount of armor.
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  • People who went to Lilies War -- what were some of the things you saw the SCAdians doing that we could do at Brittanis to level up the coolthenticity of our camping areas?
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