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Things that may or may not be trying to eat our faces!

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Heroes of Brittanis,

Much has happened since we have arrived in the town of Cornerstone. From great battles to powerful magics, from engulfing floods to raging fires, from glorious victories to harsh losses. Ours is a world of constant turmoil and sometimes we forget what all we as heroes have on our collective plates. To this end I was encouraged by several others to send out a notice of all of the things that we may have to address as heroes. I will list each item as well as a brief description, if you have any additional questions please ask or if you know of a threat that was not listed. No matter how long you have been with us, you deserve to know what is going on in the land you wish to protect. Let us begin.


Many of you have already encountered fomorians, however there are some things you may not be aware of. Fomorians are tainted as are there armor. They also posses the ability to track their armor and the magics attached to it. They are broken up into brutes, fighters, shamans, and an unknown leader group. The fomorians have been spreading blood magic, and corrupting the world around them as they go.


We as heroes have been tasked by the Merlin to aid in completing a prophecy which will change Brittanis forever. Due to the nature of this task we feel it is not wise to distribute in text however it is important information for you to know. Please seek out another hero for more information.


Items of power have been showing up across the land. Some have great benefit, some bring great strife. It would be wise to keep your eyes and ears open, as our enemies may be trying to collect them and use them against us.


Arn is a deserter from Costayne who is trying to declare himself a king in the remnants of Kernow. He has also been a constant threat to the town of Cornerstone, and we are looking to deal with him soon.


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    McGregor has begun uniting the Brynn of Cambria under him. There have been rumors of an alliance between McGregor and Arn. What we do know is that McGregor killed the previous leaders of Cambria through treacherous means and utilized poison to do so.


    The elven realm of the Erin’Tar the ‘high-elves’ is an island that holds the Arcanum, the only magical academy in all of Brittanis. This elven homeland is also in civil-war currently, but little is know about it, other than the main ruling house is fighting the remaining ruling houses over some internal matter.

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    Ironhall is the name the Iron dwarves gave their the land they stole from the Free Dwarves. The dwarven civil war which occurred just little over a hundred years ago took place when the red prince slew his older brother and then using demons and infernal magic began the conquest of Valyngaard. The free dwarves lost their civil war and were kicked out of their homeland. The knowledge of the homelands location was stolen and remains a mystery to the free dwarves still. Those interested in Ironhall should speak to Galus.

    The Fae

    The Fae we have encountered so far have both helped us, and in their own way hindered us. As it stands currently we have several heroes who have been cursed by the Fae, and an agreement by heroes to go accomplish some quest for a Fae. The Fae are extremely powerful, and dangerous. What little we know of the Fae is that they are immortal, and powerful beings they have strict rules they must follow. Like all fae beings they can not lie, but that doesn’t mean what they tell you is the truth. Fae never do anything that they don’t gain something from, make a deal with one at your own risk. Cold Iron and bells are known to affect them.
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    This Fae is a prince of his court, which is winter. Little is known of him other than he made a deal with the heroes and got one of the treasures from us before we knew what it was. He attacked us with puzzles and traps at the winter feast due to us bringing cold iron into his realm. This has lead to several heroes becoming cursed. He is extremely dangerous and although he has been encountered several times by the heroes not interacting with him is preferred.

    I know this is a lot of information, and there may be things we have left out, but I feel it is of great importance for all of the heroes to be aware of what is going on.

    Well wishes on the roads you walk,

  • In Orkenay, ve heard dat MacGreggor murdered de former Caledonni cheif and his entire family (except de Duchess who vas south in Costayne) vith de Assassin's Dagger.  Assassin's Dagger dat many people vant to procure but Duchess carries all de time, so no one who vants it been able to procure... but maybe vhat ve hear in Orkenay not accurate?...
    Khemri Cultural Attache
    NPCs: Igraine mac Raedragan Costayne ~ Breaca, blacksmith of Cornerstone ~ the 'Crimson Death'
    PC: Sibylla ap Malone Garucheh (Khemri Wyrdcaster of Clan Dumnonni)

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