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White court temple build

So we're finally getting the white court temple put together and I am super excited! For this next event (March 2016) I will be bringing shrines out for each of the 7. We are in need of more decorations for all of the gods, and while I have a few for Liriel and Emrys we could always use more for them as well. I am going to put a link below to religion document so you can look of the gods of the 7 to see if you have anything you can add. These items will of course be returned to you at the end of the event, and will only be used in the temple space. Besides decorations for each god, we also need a table cloth or covering for each shrine. The shrines will be 2 feet tall by 16" wide, so if you have anything that matches one of the god's colors it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring it along.
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